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[PIWARS] GitHub repository set up, OLED scares, new mounts, line follower update

I've finally created a GitHub repository for my code that runs on Lobsang (it was pretty hard to get the local repository program working, but I managed in the end!). It is somewhat patchily commented, so I can't guarantee that it's all completely understandable, but it's there if anyone wants to take a look. The file which may be of interest for people to use themselves is Oled.py- it's customized to my robot, but can still be used without the hardware I have. It's for Pi to SH1106 OLED communication.

ComMotion Motor Controller Shield

Need help with the ComMotion Motor Controller Shield. Searching at this site for info on this shield leads to many pages with 404 errors.

Examples of broken links related to ComMotion are:

[PIWARS] Progress update- manual control, speed test

Another update on Lobsang! I've been doing lots of work on the code so a lot of the progress is not visible. However, the Lobsang.py library and the RasPiO Duino's core.ino have bee heavily modified. New functionalities have been written and the whole boot-up process is a lot smoother.

Let me expand on the boot process as to hackers and roboteers (ie. not normal people!) it is quite interesting.

1: Power switch set to 'ON'. Pi, Duino, and everything else on Lobsang is powered on.

Share About Yourself With the Biography Option in LMR


We have recently added a Biography option to LMR so members can share about themselves and their experiences with robots to other LMR members.

Here's how it works:

Click on the My account link on the top right on any LMR page.

Under the info tab, you will find a new section called Biography and a link under it called Edit your biography.

Trouble Embedding Videos

Hello everyone,

Unboxing from the box...

I have found great deals at "...inthebox.com" and they are great at creating rings and loops to jump through if, somehow you are charged ALOT for a misconception...or not. After months, (MONTHS) of trying to get their attention, being told to go to this, select that, press this, click that- I still have not received refunds. Anyhow- will update this rant. Regarding unboxing; the LCD modules (4 of them) all were faulty. These will the nice white on blue that mount over the mega, no wiring.

Two-Speed Gearbox Concept

I come from the FIRST Robotics Competition, and recently, I designed a gearbox that can shift between two different speeds. This is mounted "invertedly", meaning that the motor shaft points inward of the test chassis as opposed to outward. The piston has a special mount called the "DOG" gear, and that latches to either of the two gear combinations on the lower shaft, allowing that shaft to rotate with that combination's speed and torque.

Innovation Contest by Boca Bearings

Boca Bearings is holding a contest where you can submit a video of your robot or mechanical device that uses bearings. You can win a 3D Printer or a GoPro camera. The grand prize is $5,000. For rules and entries, check out http://www.bocabearings.com/innovation-contest/.


Online Tools & Tutorials

Building a robot is not always easy, especially if you don't have any previous experience or people to help you or guide you. LMR is in a perfect place to help others online and the more tools and tutorials a user has access to the better. We've put together a few over the years and if you know of any or even want to make your own, add them in the comments, and we'll add them to the main post. We'll also take a look on LMR to see if this type of comprehensive "Tools & Tutorials" post has been done before and integrate them all into a mega post.

In Need of some help robot arm

Help help just build and disigned a robotic arm and running in some problems whit code it works completely servo controled

but trying to diside what is the right way to control it it has a arduino for controll i was thinking to make it interact whit the pc and for  andfor fast independent fun use some of the code from pinauts blog (simple and great go pinaut) but i want to make it interact with the pc true  python or some program of that kind because of the posible grafic interface i got acces to a leapmotion controller to and saving for the apoc+ 

Experiments with FlowBotics Studio

I was keen to give FlowBotics Studio a go after reading about it in the FlowBotics Studio App Competition.

It 3d prints!!!

Dear: LMR

Hello guys it is me Noah again and this is my first blog post. Just to let you know I have finished my 3d printer entirely. It got calibrated last night. I think I've been working on it 3/4 of a year and last night I got it calibrated after a long time of attempted calibration.

Rover 5 Encoder Feedback Loop - speed to encoder pulse duration conversion

To use the Rover 5 encoders to regulate speed, you have to be able to calculate the expected time between encoder interrupts.  Each Rover 5 motor runs at a max speed of 8500RPM.  At that speed, you will measure 3676 usecs between each encoder state change (high to low, or low to high).  That's the output of a single (A or B) encoder.  A quadrature configuartion produces changes at 2X the frequency.


Once, while I was learning electronics, some people requested me to write up so that we all can learn together. Better late than never, I'll do it now.

I've recently joined an engineer institute(BTech) after high school and Electrical and Electronics is one of the subjects here. So, i'll post according to my progress.

Hope you like it.


There's all my comments gone? 

The innuendo contained in some of them, was the best I've ever seen.

Surely be very definition, innuendo can't be classed as inappropriate content.

[PIWARS] Library for all Lobsang's features

I've previously been using multiple small libraries that I custom wrote for Lobsang's features, for example Oled.py to control the small oled screen on the back of Lobsang (it uses an SH1106 controller so I can't use the Adafruit library as that one is designed for SSD1306 controllers!), but now I have decided to put all the odds and ends of code into one big 'Lobsang.py' that is simpler and tailorerd to Lobsang's needs even more.

A Robot Explains About Some Security Exploitation Technics

A Robot Explains About Some Security Exploitation Technics


A robot explains about some commonly used security exploitation technics, such as: buffer overflow, race conditions (can be on multithreaded software or electronic circuit with logic), sql injection

Video :

Let's Make Robots at World Maker Faire in NY 26 to 27 Sep 2015!

Come visit Let's Make Robots at World Maker Faire in NY 26 to 27 Sep 2015! Let's Make Robots is a global online community of robot makers since 2008. We love to share our knowledge and have fun letting people play with our robots. Come visit us in the Robots area of Zone 4.

My robot won't get hacked!

Simply out of interest, and for security at PiWars (and other maker venues), I have been working on a security feature for Lobsang. The Pi in Lobsang skips standard login (so the python programs can be run immediately and automatically on booting) so the system is not secure. My solution was inspired by a feature of the Scout robots in CHAPPiE- in the film there is a special USB chip that allows the robot's software to be updated, and without this USB 'key' you cannot 'unlock' and access the robots.

New or Used Feature in LMR Marketplace

We recently made an update to the Let's Make Robots Martketplace in order for users to quickly choose from a dropdown menu if the part being sold is new or used.

If you have products in the LMR Marketplace, we encourage you to indicate it in all the products you have in order to let members know the condition of the product.

Demonstrating Haxtronic's artificial narrow intelligence : cracking wpa2 psk & reporting to internet

Today I have successfully Demonstrating Haxtronic Robot's artificial narrow intelligence skills: "cracking wpa2 psk & reporting the password to internet" on  hacking and security Training for "Agency For The Assessment And Application for Technology of Indonesia" as in the video:


Haxtronic is a robot that I currently developing and actually not finished yet, where it has some sort of artificial intelligence, logical thinking using fuzzy logic(also for nlp), computer vision and nlp (natural language processing).

Line following: testing phase

I've been working on a line following program for Lobsang. It is not very accurate but can follow the line quite well. There is a bit of lag between the Duino being told to stop the motor and the motor actually stopping because I ramp the motor enable up and down with PWM, which is causing a bit of trouble for precise movements on lines.

Go to Youtube

Newcomer's first working

Hello everybody,today I will share my first working which I name it "small swincar"!As a newcomer I have no idea how to build one robot by myself, after learning much knowledge about robot on "letsmakerobots",then I bought one kit from the website store to make my first try! I make it! It looks very funny! I am so excited ! Thanks for you guys' share!


working step 1:Buy the accessories

step2:Assembly the gearmotor holders

Let's make a biped together

Hey there, I am about to make a self-balancing biped. I have experience in software development, 3d design and animation. Now experimenting with Arduino and accelerometers. I am open for joint development. Let’s share experience and do this together.