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giving life to dead rc vehicles

I’ve found this two rc vehicles on a junk, they are in a very bad condition. The big one has the DC motor burned out, I will try to replace it.. brushless motor maybe.


They both have two different gear mode (hi and low speed), I am wishing to try it out.


This is the dead motor..

SSS - Servo Suspension System

This is my first experiment with the MakerBot. I am totally thrilled with this machine!!!

SSS (servo suspension system) is designed to support standard servo motors and act as a basic suspension. It is still a work in progress and has not been tested yet.

Will update results as soon as possible (still waiting to have my lab back).

I would like to know everyone's opinion on this  :)

Lab in standby mode

I'm moving to an apartment near Lisbon, and this is one of the reasons for the long time no-posting and non-building robots..  and I still have to wait one more month to have my lab back!   :D





Edit:  2010.Feb.01

Zezinho, the poser - interactive installation

This is the final result of the first stage of this project. An installation where zezinho calls for visitors and when a visitor reachs the mixing controllers he waits for new poses.






This is a fully functional version of the Arduino. We eliminated the PCB and use paper and cardboard as support and the result is.. the PAPERduino :D

This is the the first version of the layout design, next we will try more designs, and another materials.

You just need to print the top and the bottom layout, and glue them to any kind of support you want. We hope that you start making your own boards. If you do, please share your photos with us, we would love to see them  ;)

always remove the batteries before recharging

Another lesson was learned, I never thought this plastic could crack with the heat caused by the reacharging process.. but it did..  :-)
Now I know, batteries get hot when being recharged, and the heat can damage the robots components



This is my first attempt to make a custom remote controller, and also my first customized Arduino.
After seeing this post made by ObbBot I wanted to try to make one myself.

I figured that if I purchase one remote controller it would be cheaper than buying two of these and paying shipment to Portugal.

So, ripping the guts from a game remote controller I get two joysticks, a couple of buttons, two nice motors and one small lcd.


This came up with the need of having the arduino permanently installed on the robots, I´m tired of having to remove the arduino from one bot to the other, and then rewire everything, and then reupload the code everytime I have a new idea, or everytime I want to show the bot to someone.
I followed the ITP Physical Computing tutorial, and it works like a charm, no I want to try to upload code with the FTDI cable, and If I have success on this I can start making my custom Arduino boards. :D

sensor upgrade

I´ve made an upgrade to this bot, i´ve implement an ultrasonic sensor..
Now i´m programming the navigation system, and it´s being another challenge for me  :)  

i´ll be out for one week so see you guys soon   ;) 



"baratinha" fase 2

I thought this was a closed project... i was wrong!! :]

I decided to change the structure and the geometry of the chassis.

Now the gravity center is lower wich performs more stability.





i´ve decided to remove the other power switchs and put this smaller ones, and one below the other, so that i can switch on all the system at once.