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The Pulse - 2008w47


Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

Cool Happenings on LMR this week (2008W46)

Let it be known to the world, once more, that letsmakerobots.com is a very live community indeed!


Here is the harvest for the past couple of weeks, or so (Week 2008 dot 46).


scientific zealot or teaological fundamentalist?

With regards to the idea of measuring resistance through water.

I started wondering if resistance could be applied as a measure of the brewiness of an infusion.

And in style with the "I can do science me" segment of "Brainiac", I will cut to the answer straight away: Nope! Is not doable.



Morning after analysis:

Walzing Hard Drive Motors

Update: This page is just an archive. The real work is continued as a walk through. Please direct all your comments to that page.

I am the proud owner of a stack of scavenged hard drives. I hoped to find really fast, torqueless motors inside. But instead I found myself a project for my new found 555 knowledge.


tables, desks, benches

My lab will finally be complete with a workbench that will hopefully clear my desk-proper from all the electronics crud.

I bought a few pieces of whitewood (spruce, vuren) that I will assemble this week.


Oh, I know: the legs go under the table.

Edit 9 nov 2008:

It's done! It's smaller than even I feared it would be. Some pics:

robotlab is no node no more

Today I officially deleted the "robot page" about my lab.

As promised to Frits; when I would build a "proper bot" (hmm catchy name), I would replace the lab page with a bot page. And so I did. Check out 1069-A1. And my (almost) finished lab. Nothing more than a blog post now...




Cool happenings on LMR this week (2008W43)


Let it be known to the world that letsmakerobots.com is a very live community indeed!
Here is the harvest for the past couple of weeks.


This week we saw the creation and population of the scary user map. Some sixty-plus users are now visible on the map (with varying degrees of accuracy). 


edward1_1.JPGmintvelt demonstrated with Edward that a lot of "robo personality" can be added with just one extra degree of freedom. The neck of his robot was fitted with a second servo, so that it can look up and down. A lot of humanoid expression comes from that one little gesture: nodding. So it was agreed in the reactions on Edward's page.



Something's wrong with this picture

Today a large order from the online electronics store arrived. Maybe a tad too soon...


I put the stuff in my robotlab and plugged in my soldering station. Still, I feel there is something missing. So I ended up tinning/cleaning/tinning my solder iron tip. And unplugged.

On to the home improvement shops!



Theo Jansen style robot leg: prototype #1

For my dreamed symbiotic robots, I am looking for an alternative locomotion. For the passive robot (the trailer) anyway. The active tractor probably needs tracks. I heard Theo Jansen say on TED (improving on the wheel, 4 minutes into the video) that his design for a legged creature is (theoretically) more energy efficient than wheels or tracks.

The Eyes of Beholders

Many, if not all, bots on LMR are a joy to study. But only few of them are "pleasing to the eyes".

crazy ideas crazy sketches

I started a flickr account for hi-res scans of my pencil drawings. Let's see how that cooperates with lmr.

clcik to see them all

Unfortunately, the notes in the picture do not show up on LMR. You'll have to click on the image and read them on flickr. More ideas after the >CLICK< .


now also known as rik-lmr

ceiling's done

The white splatter is now mostly on my ceiling. Lab building progress still within schedule.

don't worry, it comes off easily


wrt54g as robot brain

Andrey Mikhalchuk demonstrates how to hack a popular wifi router to have an rs232 interface (or two). The openwrt project allows us to actually use that powerful hack. Andrey did what few people did before: he added a micro servo controller and TING robot's done!

tractor-trailer coupling with power transfer

This is an idea for two (or more) cooperative robots. One passive bot (with wheels, but without motors) and one active bot (with motors). The motor-bot (the tractor) would pull the lame bot (the trailer). The trailer has a power source on board. The tractor wants to recharge its battery from that source.

The big idea is so big, I won't even mention it here. Yet.