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iPhone as a robot controller made easy.

Just finished the vb.net app for controlling my robot with an iphone. It seems it is much easier than I thought.

The connection is based on Open Sound Control. The iphone sends special messages to my laptop via wi-fi.

More information on OSC. 



Thank-You, LMR

I just wanted to say thank you a lot LMR for providing me a chance to discover the wonders of robotics and electronics. Before I found this website all I knew was how to change the batteries for a searchlight and now I have found my true hobby, my field of studies and, hopefully, future employment.

Few months ago I was given a chance to publish my project in an expo of youngster scientists and was even shown on a reportage about it on a national television.

Mr. Slave

While waiting for my parts I used my free time to learn Google SketchUp (just realised it sounds like Ketchup).
It is really REALLY easy!!!