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BarkTrak Trailer sugestions help


Hi All,

I've been busy with my robot recently. I've rebuilt the voltage regulator, added a battery monitor all situated on the newly fitted expansion boards on the rear. The battery is now housed in the battery housing (Great place to house it really.)

I've also revisited my loft and found BigTrak's trailer.

My Project

I wanted to post a new video of my robot on here, but I didn't want to keep moving my project to the top of the front page, so I'll post my video here.

I used this music, because it's called Bring Me To Life



Challenging question

Every time I ask a question on here, I get lots of great answers. I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the collective knowledge that must be on this site. It probably adds up to thousands of years of experience.

So, I'm going to pose another question, a hard question, to see if anyone can answer it. Just as an experiment.

Ok, here goes...

If a quark is travelling 3 nanoseconds below the speed of light. What to the power of R is its mass density?

3D Printing


Found this online and thought it may be of interest to people on here.


It's a 3D printer you can build yourself. It's a bit beyond my building capacity, but I'll bet there's people on here that can build one.

Thank you to all LMRers


Just a quick note to thank everyone on here who helped with my project.

My robot is now working just great apart from the flat battery, because I've been using it so much

Here's a video for anyone who's interested.

Thanks again,

The Bromz.

Soap opera detection

Hello people.

I really need a robot, that'll detect when my wife's watching a soap opera on the tv, then drive into the room and change the channel to something more interesting, like Top Gear.

Any thoughs, let me know.


The Bromz.

Voltage regulator

Just sharing my first attempt at a voltage regulator.

This is a very simple thing for anyone to make...


It must be...


I made it.

I followed Oddbot's walkthrough here and all worked fine. Great work Oddbot.

Knowledge and humour

Ok, so I've been on this site for a couple of months now and I'm starting to get the feel of it.