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Bob Lifts Bear - The Sequel

Especially for Gareth, who requested a sequel. It's all a bit silly, really, but fun making it. My Robonova has a new head, which I've managed to squeeze a servo, led board, and camera into. The camera isn't very good quality, but is an introduction for me in Object Recognition software. Also included is a simple bot using a Picaxe with 3 servos, 2 for driving and one for "Ted". It has all been done using simple delays and timing in both Robonova and "Ted's Truck". The "gun" is a modified ball point pen and party popper. The "bullet" is filed down plastic.

Bob lifts bear.

I've been playing around with my Robonova, trying to get it to climb a rope. It is a lot more difficult than it appears, due to the balance when the robot is hanging by his hands. There is really not enough freedom of movement in his hands and arms, to do this successfully.

Anyway, he will pull on a rope though........ ;)

Something silly to smile about.....


Just a bit of fun...



Pimp My Bot

My first robot was a photovore, which was reasonably successful, and I was quite pleased with it. It soon, however got converted to an object avoidance robot, using a Sharp GP2D12. I used the same chassis for this, as the basics were there to make it easy to convert. I will probably continue to use this chassis for various testing of sensors and programming, for the forseeable future.