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Very clean designed DELTA 3D printer

How does it look? Not only the design but the printouts are pretty neat as well.

As I know it start from about USD $1000+

4 tons real robot

This robot is insanely huge and human rideable.


Wheel leg robot

Old school concept but very interesting improvement. I am surprised by these small design on wheels and gears.

The machine itself seems pretty heavy but those motors or servos handle it with no problem.

Flying man with magnet

I am not sure how it works but its cool.

$1 dollar touch panel?

Sorry, this is all writen in Chinese but I guess you guys still get the idea.





One of my friend who made this back home Taiwan. Thought this is kinda fun so I post it up.

Home made tracks + brushless motor

This 40A brushless motor kinda surprise me that they really works. Well, for now at least. I don't know if they works with 2 belt in different directions. Gotta go get 9 teeth sprocket for another motor.

The reason why I use brushless motor is because the controller is way cheaper than those high power brushed motor speed controller(50A+). Could anyone tell me why they are so fxxking expensive? like $400~$800 USD??


In film it says the hexacopter left up nearly 6kg(13 pounds) in the air.

That's kinda powerful...

M.T.M.P. + Grass trimmer

Well... bad choice of the motor I guess. I use 2 brushless motors from a quadroter.

The motor is getting slow after cutting grass for seconds. If I have it spin freely it runs OK as long as it should. Any ideas??

(I use 30C 3S lipo 5AH, shouldn't be power problem. )

Size down M.T.M.P. for test drive

Finally got my speed controller back and have finish the cover case. I kinda quickly assemble them all together and have test run to see if new design has better performance. I am glad it works much better after I reduce the size and sacrifice a lot of parts. (I still like the large size design but it's hell too heavy for the motors I used.)

After I got my controller done I will post detail on robot section. Just wanna prevent updating the old shit again and again on homepage.

useless machine evolved

I think most people has seen USELESS MACHINE already but this one is totally cool but still useless. haha...

Brain wave controlled CAT EAR...

These JP people really have lots of strange ideas. I have hacked one of these brain toys but I dout the accuracy from those sensors. It's more like randomize the output for me.

Mobile suit!?

This suit is fun but I guess you need to be train to wear it thou.......Pretty smart design!

Finally got 16 servos working... phew~~

I thought this should be easy to setup with 16 servos in ArduinoMega, however it doesn't support over 12+ servos. Maybe I don't find the proper way to use it. I end up use Arduino Duemilanove + Renbotics ServoShield to make it works. I hope someday someone could tell me how to operate 16+ servos on Mega.

transformers megatron tank!?

It looks cool but it just an art of metal. For detail and more photos:


Here are few crazy robots in China......


I just need to make a note to myself to grab one of this when I have enough saving. Teehee!!

I just love the LMR people here!!

Just wanna say THANK YOU to all LMR people here to help me out to understand more about building robot and some good concept for electronic knowledge. Thanks to Paul, RobotX, Chris, Ezekiel, Anas, birdmun and all others whoever post on my topic. Month ago I am just a guy who build robots that doesn't really know how regulators, diodes works or even spell them. Still long way to go and lots of practices thou~

Hopefully I could be someone who can help new comers to build their dream, too.

A bit frustrated for servo control of Arduino

Nice day but couple failures. Bad soldering work on my AeroBox and got bad luck on Arduino neither Mega board. Servos were just not acting right.

I guess something wrong in power output. I build hexapod before by using SSC-32 servo controller and it works fine. Perhaps the power drain went crazy from servo when they all act at once, sometimes they just stoped. Should I looking for servo shield with external power and some IC control the power drain?