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Vader Vibes

Starting this blog as a place for me to throw down my thoughts about options for my Service Droid, VADER:


At times where I'm anxious to work on Vader but can't, atleast I can blog about it!  Right now is a good example: my 2 month old daughter is asleep in my arms. I may be having to type with one hand but the progress feels good!

First off, I'm considering a tweak to the acronym."Very Advanced" is a little over the top. Maybe "Virtually Advanced" or "Very Amateur".

Quiet, but not dormant

Haven't posted for a while on LMR, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on a robot! I've researching the heck out of circuitry and components that I need for my latest project. The chassis is built and the insides are coming together.  I don't want to post it just yet, but it's name is I-CORA.  Since my background isn't in electronics, I've been reading books and teaching myself logic circuits and PICAXE. With three kids and a busy job it takes a few weeks to get thru a book. I have several I"m reading now to try to get smart enough to get design the circuitry I need.

Idea for a Quadraped Robot

While working on General Blackbeard I've started thinking about the design of my next robot. One idea I had was to create a quadraped robot, one that walks more like a cat or dog than like a turtle. Here is a sketch of a design I call AREQ (Autonomous Robot Equivalent of a Quadraped). Each leg would have a medium size sevo for  hip joint and a small servo for the knee and for the ankle for a total of 4 medium servos and 8 small servos for all four legs. I would use the pan and tilt mechanism from Mr. General, but would mount an ultransonic range finder on it.