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Update on my status with BeagleBone Black delivery

Well, almost a month ago, Mukund showed me the BeagleBone Black over on facebook. Then, I was considering buying a Raspberry Pi and a Freeduino Uno, and since the company was located just 30kms from my home and had next day shipping facility, I was pretty happy with it. But Black had an appeal to me. It was both a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino Uno and better at it than the combination of both. All this and the fact that it was cheaper at that time, I persuaded both myself and my parents to buy it. Then started the problems

iNFiNiTY Cube


I had an idea and I wanted to know if its feasible

I want to make a cube of µprocessors. Here, each of the µ will do some special function and in will be controlled by the master processor. My choice of micro processors is Atmega 8.

The idea behind this is to divide the job a micro processor does and give ur to different micro processors.

Ant Bots and Spyder Bots--My Version of Swarm Robots on LMR

Just browsing through LMR, I found that many people are interested in the concept of making swarm bots (the most prominent being Lumi and his team, Aaronsuper1 and warnew). After a short discussion with each of the 3 I mention via shoutbox, I decided that swarm bot is going to be my second project.

Autobot, work not even started and finally got the clearance to start...

This is blog is written so that Birdmun and other people can help me find parts for and make my bot. The bot is going to be a multi phase development. The final objectives of the bot will be- navigate through a room full of junk while following a wall to find a can of coke, identify the object and bring it back to the start point.

The phases of development-

1) Make a bot that had 4 legs (ie quadped), and is able to navigate the room without hitting anything (obstacle avoider). Pretty much like the start here robot.