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Simple Camera Pan & Tilt

I wanted to create an unlimited 360° +/- pan with 180° tilt sync'd to my camera shutter (Prism)

So I got some scraps from the garage and made this thing - I know the quality is really lousy

I'm somewhat unsure if the fuel tubing couplers will be strong enough (bottom/pan coupler isn't connected yet)

Both mechanisms move "fairly freely" so . . . we shall see


It's a start - more later



Weekend Project: Either Create a 3-Axis Printer or Finish My Delta Robot

Hey Everyone,

I'm making an effort to create either a very small 3-Axis Printer/Router or finish the Delta Robot this weekend

I have other things on my list of "must do" but I'm going to make an effort to get one of these projects done

If I build the Printer/Router, I realize there are a zillion examples already out there but I want mine to involve a different design (not that I expect mine to be better than anyone else's)

That's all for now - photos & build log updated soon


Why Do I LOVE New Projects?


Especially ones I've designed - especially when it seems like nobody else has done this before?


This should be as much fun as it will be frustrating . . . more soon . . . yeah c'mon!


Better Than Candy

I also dabble around with quad copters

Here's one of my home brews . . . flies really well. My first quad using the Naza flight controller - very nice controller.


video --> LINK

Camera Bot

I wanted to build a robot that would spin the camera while taking time-lapse photos

It worked but geeze, what an ugly contraption . . .