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I feel dumb

It all started when I was programming PopPet. I was using the simple way of using the HC-SR04:

Why are we so crazy? More lubby dubby bull$#*!

In light of the recent forum topics and discussions in the shoutbox I felt that I also would like to contribute the 'lubby dubby' bull$#*!.

I joined this site just over a year ago now. I was nearing the completion of year 12 and had been doing YouTube stuff for about 2 months. I had learnt how to use Arduino and had created several little creations. However, having a history with robotics I was drawn back to my robotic ways.

A teaching experiment

Today in the robotics class I wanted to try an experiment. We have covered lots of stuff over the past few months, but not so much programming. In these next few weeks we will be concentrating on programming until we get some sweet kits, more news on that later. 

I have been trying to think up cool and interesting ways that the kids can learn programming whilst getting their hands dirty. It's hard to install software on the school computers so we don't have the IDE up and running yet, but I'm working with the IT admin on that. 

Customizing BoB with little modules

So I am sure all of you are now aware of who BoB is. Recently K12 and I have been talking about getting some BoB instructional videos up on YouTube to further make his construction easier and introduce him to non LMRians. Through this due process we have exchanged code, pictures of BoB and other extraneous things. K12 kindly gave me the Solidworks files for BoB and asked that I make some 'attachments' for him.

chickenparmi's robotic adventures

This blog will contain everything that happens to me and my robotic life. 

Chickenparmi's Blog

Hello again everyone, my name is chickenparmi.

As suggested by ChuckCrunch I am making this blog post to give you a brief explanation of my past experience/knowledge in robotics and all the things I have made. I will post all my old stuff in this blog and stuff that I dont think to be worthy of a robot post as to avoid post spam.