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PortmannFilter, a way to smooth your RSSI Signal.


I would like to present you my self-made filter. It's called PortmannFilter. It can be used to smooth your RSSI data of an RF-Link reciever. Feel free to ask me questions and use it. But please declare in your project the usage of my filter. 

The Arduino measures an analog signal from the RSSI pin of the reciever. Then it does the same again. Afterwards the PortmannFilter compares the two values and smoothes them and too low values are getting ignored. 

Greets the_droid


By comparing temperatur, Arduino tells you with RF Link if your room is too cold or too warm.

I would like to share my code. With this code your Arduino tells you by RF Link  if your room is too cold or too warm. You need 2 Arduino's.

It is just a part of a bigger project. But you can modify the code and make some great stuff. If their are some questions feel free to ask. RF link is amazing.