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the BoBs that never were

been a bit since ive posted anything besides talk in the shout box. now that my kossel is well on its way to completion and still seeing all these cool BoBs and variants out there. i figured i could put some of my old designs to use. i pulled up my old dropbox file and remembered all those projects i started. and thought i would share some of my insane designs. these are the BoBs that never made it off the computer screen. links are to dropbox folders cant embed from drop box (to my knowledge) and im too lazy to sort them and put them on photobucket!

assistance bitcoin mining

i currently took up bit coin mining to try and help fund my printer build and maybe even down the road help a production BoB become reality (i have not given up!) does anyone want to help my endevor? all it takes is a small (20mb) program and a worker name and password from me..if anyone is interested please let me know. it would be geatly appreciated.

beware of sainsmart!

some of you know about my experience with sainsmart some of you do not. and some have had their own.

this is a warning to all new people that may be interested in buying from them . DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK

3D printed firearms(kind of)

first im sorry if this post is taboo and not allowed...feel free to remove it if so


first off i say "kind of" because a whole gun is not being printed. just the parts that are considered to be the actual gun.with all the reading lately and my interest in the subject i thought i would share what i have learned here in the blog.

Mini Internet Controlled Robot Fighting or MICRF

A recent post brought me to this idea. most of use are old and young enough to remember when battling robots graced the tv with their awesomeness. But most of us weren't able to build them let alone ship the robot and operator out to the ring. so what if you only had to ship the robot?

So here was my idea.

dual control rc and arduino without a switch

i had made an airsoft tank and wanted it both to freeroam and be controlled by rc. and found it to be quite simple actualy using the ping code. this is just the begining of the code but the robot will nagigate with ping and when the rx is switched on will stop the arduino. and when switched off will let it continue. i did this using an unused channel on the rx. when the rx is swithed on but the tx is not it sends out no pulses but when the tx is switched on its send pulses high then a servos range. using the ping code it reads at 17 inches. so modding the ping code.

my poor robots.

i have come to realize my robots dont stay in one peice for too long. i get a new idea and parts go flying. guess thats a part of being broke. anyone else have this problem? blocky has been torn down and his peices are on my new robot to be posted soon the rest of his parts are going to end up on my airsoft robot. look out for that one too. i guess this is just an update on whats been going on. havent been around for a while moved out and whatnot

Automotive uses for arduino

so this is a non-robot kinda deal so i'll blog about it just to let the people that aren't in chat know whats going on. progress on all my bots are slow. got a few projects going on right now including rfid entry in my car. right now its on breadboard im using my dorkboard and the prfid reader. when it senses the correct card it activates one relay to act as the unlock switch and then it will also pop my door. see one fo my other pastimes is car audio and customization.