Let's Make Robots!

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This afternoon got off to an auspicious start.  The problems I was having loading AXEpad onto my Mac seemed to have had disappeared since Thursday.  An hour later, I had the USB successfully loaded.  (For Mac users wondering how this is done, make sure you read the USB Setup section of the Picaxe manual.  One thing the manual neglects to tell you is that you have to also download a piece of software called a serial driver, which you can get for free from FTDI.com or from Rev-Ed's website.

Trial and Error...lots of error



The parts finally arrived on Monday from PICAXE.  Over the weekend I also traveled to a local electronics store (Alphatronics, near the South-Center mall in Seattle) to purchase a soldering pencil ($18), some 330 ohm resistors ($1.25), some additional pins to solder into the circuit board ($0.50), and some terminal casings for wires ($0.75).  

Getting Started

I decided to chronicle my attempt at creating this robot to give hope to anyone out there who doubts their ability to do the same.

 I have zero experience with programming.  Zero experience with engineering.  Zero experience with anything even remotely (pardon the pun) related to robotics.  Also, though I am intensely curious about things, I'm not the smartest guy in the world by any means.

 In other words, if I can do this, anyone can do this.