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Robot Stupidities From Internet - Part II

The previous page begins to be long to load so i'm starting a new one!

OddBot, Claudia, DAGU... they just rock...

Jeez, i ordered from DAGU 20 mini servos one week ago... and i already received them! That's even faster than most of the sellers in my own country!

So thanks to them, and thanks to OddBot who took the time to think about my special needs and perfectly fulfilled them, saving me a lot of time (and money!)


Here on LMR we are really lucky to have them all... :D

Starformers (featuring Oddbot, Fristl, and with courtesy of Chris the Carpenter for a really quick appearance)

 Well, this was supposed to be my entry for Oddbot competition, but i realized i stupidly misunderstood the rules... I thought that you could use a cardboard/wooden robot, but when i read the comments, i finally got that you have to use a cardboard robot... I thought the main rule was to make a funny video about robot, even if you don't use a real robot. (yes, sometimes things are a little hard to get when english is not your first language!)

So i guess i'm off competition, but i didn't want to think that i wasted my time so i post it anyway... 'hope you'll enjoy!

Robot and sexy naked girl

Ok first, sorry for the cheap (but yet effective) marketing trick with the title... apparently, it worked, if not you wouldn't be reading this ^^

The thing is, with my clock (don't forget the "l") i take part in a web-realization contest, and the vote starts today...

It's Christmas!

When i told my little brother's boss that i was starting to make robots, he answered me "well, i used to do a lot of electronics when i was younger, i may have some stuff that could be useful to you", and i was like cool, i'm gonna have a bunch of resistors... And that's what he gave me :




Because there are not only robots in life...

...i wanted to show some of my others projects. I made them few years ago...

First, a clock, featuring... me ^_^

And something different, a short movie from the time i was doing mountainboard and at the same time was discovering special FX.

Hope you'll enjoy!