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I'm already doing well!

I just made my first real sale, that is one test sale and one real sale. Oh baby, this is going to be cool!


(Backend of the marketplace, my personal webshop)

The biggest moments in life..

Hi Guys,

I just figured I’d share this moment with you. The picture was taken just after my wife had been given birth to our second daughter a couple of days ago, December the 22. Guess I’m not much of a planner ;) But hey, at least it was not on Christmas eve!

Thank you for the greetings I have received by mail - as always, it’s amazing to feel your friendship :)


King of Nerds -and- God of Nerds

I am sorry if this is old news to you, but I only just now saw these fantastic images because I'm poking around over on our G+ pages. May I present you .. King, and God of Nerds: Andrew "Ignoblegnome" and Chris the Carpenter :D



That is awesomeness!

From this article:


We received have our so called "vanity URL" for LMR on G+:


Bujaka! Or something :)


I posted an Anonymous video earlier here in my blog.

That cought a lot of attention and semi negative feedback from some LMRians.

I have removed the post (and posted this instead, so I'd not leave any one with a strange feeling).

Reason is solely that none of us need a heated debate - it's cool :)


Thanks for a fantastic time at the Campus Party Berlin 2012

Thanks for a fantastic time. You are all very giving and really, really cool persons. And very talented.

You know who you are.

Everyone else; Since Campus Party is a returning, and starting to be global -event - why don't we use it as our way to meet IRL?

Hope to see you next time, next place :)

(Click to see large picture :)

Googles definition of "Robot"

I know that Google is highly localized and personalized these days. But still, I was looking for any stock image of "a robot", so I searched the big G for images on the word "Robot", and look what I got:

(the second row, with yellow background to the right is LMR "Start Here robot")


I had a postcard from LetsMakeRobots

I was quite surprised, and got very happy when I received this:

Lol, I did not know we had official LMR postcards these days :D

I recon it's from the guys who went to Maker Faire last weekend ;)

Thanks guys, thanks a lot :)

Frits in ad :)

I was just doing this ad for Danish TV, and we talked about what it meant, so here is a rough translation:

Fat guy:

Now, we told the Danes for several years that they can cross this bridge to Sweden for half price, if they'd just get a "bropas" (electronic device you pay with instead of credit card) - but they just don't get it. We have made an experiment! (There are 2 signs, one says half price, and I drive onto the other)

Hello, friend (jokes with bad swedish/danish language)



Is something wrong?

Sorry for the updates - Google video

Google hosted it's own video service way back when I started posting on LMR.

I used to like Google's service better than Youtube, because it was free of ads, and had a better player - so I used that to many videos.

At the time I also thought there was a better future for Google than Youtube. Well, later Google bought Youtube, and now they are shutting down their own video service.

Cheap stuff and Free stuff

We have good news:

Cheap stuff
We have made a deal with DFRobot: From 21'st of March 2011, when you buy stuff there, and give them this code: ALABTU when checking out, you will get a 5% discount, and they will also pay 5% to support future development of letsmakerobots.com.

Free stuff

So, I'm a nerd

At a famliy weekend.. Everyone is talking, talking, talking.. Uh, what is that? Some Lego.. Oh, and a rubber band.. Hmm, what was it about my camera, it could take low quality, but high speed movies?

Enjoy :)

Isn't Slow Motion / high speed filming the coolest?

UPDATE: Slomo fun here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23794

Hi guys,

I am playing around with the thought of making a little robot to put on the table after you had breakfast or something, it is supposed to work on the table while you take off the dishes.

Purpose is to scrape together all breadcrumbs, and place them nice in a corner for you to wipe off, before cleaning the table with a moist dishcloth.

I made the usermap work!

Wow, after user # 10.000 or something, the user map did not work for me. By chance I just tried, and somehow it worked (after freezing in 5 minutes)

Here we are: (note that more persons from same city without specific address makes more dots right on top of each other)

Absolutely not robot related rofl

Sorry, just had to share this :D

Guibot's mothers shaver

Today I got a parcel with the post.

Wondering what it was, it was quite a surprice to find what I imidatly recognized as being Guibot's mothers shaver.

Guibots mothers shaver

Then I realized that about 1 1/2 years ago, I said that I would take it over if Guibot had problems coding..



:D Thanks man.. when will I ever get the time to do that? Wll, I guess I have to :) What power did your mothers shaver take?


Going to Spain :)

Hey, I was just invited to come to


Wehee.. Is any one else going? See you there :)

They asked to see YDM, but I think I will have to make a trata-version of it! Huge sticks and amplifier!

(Yes, I am a one hit wonder, apparently - but hey, a hit is a hit! :)

Funny video

By no means robot related, and I will not try to draw any paralels :)

Greetings from RoboDays 09

Hi everybody :)

I was invited to exhibit on the annual RoboDays, in Odense, Denmark this year

It was quite cool, because I got to meet so many of the youtube-famous robots (and their builders) out there. Some shown in the video, but of course I did not have time to go around and film a lot, having my own stand (and 500 kids wanting to touch stuff and drive cars into each other)..

I just thought you should know

Now, a problem by telling anyone in here that someone else are special, is that any member that submits as much as a little tip on how to hook up an LED is just amazingly cool.

Why? Because it is in fact only a good spirit that contributes - none of us are meeting each other IRL. (to my knowledge at least).

So it is such a strange thing to give to, a funny thing to contribute to something that is only virtual.. and as said; Anyone doing it is the coolest!

Money to people with time


Thanks for all the mails.

They take time to read, I will return to everyone.

I think the pool is closed for now, I need an overview, so more letters for now regarding this, thanks.

PS: Remember that Dan is doing the same; he is paying for hosting of LMR. And Del / Rudolph is spending serious amount of time upgrading the kernel to LMR II. And rik and jklug and you and you, and everyone who is writing instructions and submitting work they have spend hours on. 

Most stuff that you guys write is pretty funny.

It's in the title; Most of the stuff that you guys write is pretty funny.

I think.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one finding the sht that is written funny. Or are you serious?

This is not like youtube where any one is writing. It's pretty nerdy in here, similar minds. And usually funny!

There, I made a blog entry on a robot-builder-website! 2.000 robot building people will read this.

Results of the Mr Basic competition


What started out as a good idea got complicated. Sounds like any robot-project? Well.. perhaps this is why; the contest works / not works like the robots it's driven by.


DAGU first let me taste & try some of their products. Really good products, and DAGU was (and are) really polite, nice, fast responding, fair.. the kind of people that I'd like to support!

Love-voting is fashionable as well!

I am very sorry if anyone was hurt by my bad karma!

However, it helped ;)

Weekend is closing in, and we are starting to see who should win this competition.

Needless to say that everyone participating is very cool, and have contributed to the enjoyment of all of us. Seriously. Thanks for the laughs and good times following your work!

And I truly hope that everyone have had fun building, and documenting.. and that the competition and the evil in "only 3 winners" is actually in the background of the whole experience :)

More hate votes, please!

The LMR DAGU Contest is comming to an end. But everybody in here are so fu**ing nice, and that will not do.

Oh, you are so nice, your robot is so cool, I give you 5 stars, and you too, and you too.

Heck, where is the competition in that?

How can we ever find a true winner (3 true winners) when the call is so close?

What to do? Hate! Fight, mean stuff, we need the dark clouds to fill the sky in here. Remember this is about money, kill!!

Yellow Drum Machine DAGU version

DAGU has asked me to make a prototype of a Yellow Drum Machine-kind of project. Thanks OddBot and Jklug80 for bringing this on ;)

Actually I was trying to make a robot that would carry a camera and take pictures of it self and stuff.. and these days I only have just about 30 minutes of spare time every day to build.. and logging in to LMR often takes that time, so I had to drop all other projects to be doing this.

Buying the same is so cosy!

Just my 5 cents:

It should come as no surprise that I am really happy that DAGU has chosen to be friends of LMR. It has a lot of advantages!

However, it also broght something new and unexpected with it; We are all (50 of us) getting the same toy! 

I dont know, I just think it is so cosy, in the need of a better word. So I had to write a blog entry about it.

And then we all had the same problems, and we all had the same talks with Claudia from DAGU, and we all thought she is so nice, and we all got a free mouse, that we all..



OMG, I just realized that the tag "Picaxe" was third, Under both Arduino, and even the silly tag "Robot"!

So, I am now re-editing all my robots that use Picaxe to fight evil open source system Arduino!


You guys are my heroes!

I am all emotional, so maby I should not be writing this :D

However: Life is treating me in ways that makes it impossible to have almost any time on LMR or in the workshop these days.

It has been really bad for some months, and I sort of drifted off, silently accepted that I cannot do everything that I want in life..

Then tonight, one friday night where I finally got a little time, I enter this amazing site, and wow.. You guys are just going on, all is the same, how cool!

I am so glad you are all in here still :D Thanks!

Hey, Frits. I'm Dan..

Lol, when seaching the web for something else, I just stumbled across an old posting of mine. Below it, I found a historical start in a comment:

"Hey, Frits. I'm Dan.."

"Historical".. why, you may ask  :)

Well, I made up the original LMR, and today Dan is hosting it & programming extensions etc, and this very post was where we met, aparently :D I completely forgot, but now know why he later was going on about me and Arduino ;P

The Internet is a wonderful place! http://letsmakerobots.com/node/80#comment-351