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Half a robot

Here is a robot I started a few weeks ago and I hope to actually complete this one.

I'm going to try to cobble together the brains of it out of what I have lying around, which is a couple of picaxe 20M & 08M's.


It has no particular purpose except as a test bed for some ideas.

I would also like to give it some character, ie: lights, sounds, servos waving around, etc.


Here is a bunch of photos of the construction process:

'Making of' FOBOT Video

I've been quite busy & I know it's coming in a bit late, but for interests sake here is some of the background footage behind my OddBot Video Challange entry.


Entry For Oddbots Robot Video Competition

Hi all, it's 2:44 am (yawn), and here is my video.


I spent ages trying to work out the music for it only to find out just before uploading it

that Youtube will probably mute it :(


Oh well. if it happens i'll try another service.

anyway do enjoy. 


Here is 'Gyroboto'

Here is my first robot attempt.


I didn't even get to the computing stage before I realised the physics were not so good ;)


PROJECT #1: 'Gyroboto'



Btw, if anyone has done any work with gyroscopes do let me know, cheers! 

So it begins...

Hi i'm new at the game.

I tried to make my first robot last week and got as far as the testing stage :)


I didn't do enough research and thought a bi-pedal walker was the first thing i should try and make!


 Ha ha ha, I saw Honda's Asimo for the first time and thought I can make something that walks in 

A: < 1 week with  

B: < $50 worth of R & D 




Thats the learning curve.