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The meanest of servo jitter!

Working on a project, where I want a servo to rotate/position a laser that is reflected to a mirror, that is vibrated by magnetic pulses.. every day stuff here on LMR :)

Earlier I posted this:


- And now it was time to hook it up.

However strange things happened. When I was pulsing the mirror, the servo was moving!

Smile, Mr Robot :)

As written earlier here in my blog, I am trying to make a robot that will take snapshots of itself.

I have made some laser guiding system (I think), and some cool docking so it can hook up a trailer with a camera on.

However, I figured that if the robot is taking pictures of itself, it should be able to smile to the camera :)

LMR Rock in sync!

Hey guys.. What if we where all listening to the same Internet-radio station?! Could we decide like the radio station of the week?

Rik, whatabout chosing a channel & link to it for next pulse?


Are we too many in here, should we start limiting acess?

Hi everyone :)

Are we too many in here, should we start limiting acess?

I have had the same thoughts before; at a point I felt like we where so many in here, that it was impossible to follow everything & everyone..

It sure is now.

Last time I did & said nothing, and it turned out to be the right solution; So many cool people dropped in, people I would never have known else. I am thankful I did not limit acess then.


Yes, this feels so good :D

This evening, I had my first building-time in what feels like for freakin ever!!

I still will not have as much time as last year (I have become a dad ;), but I am building robots again!!

First one is planned to be a robot that likes itself.. pretty much, the thought of it makes me laugh, I hope it will be cool, and if not it still is so good to be BACK in the workshop! :D

Unnamed still, it will be a robot with a trailer. 

Drivig around with the trailer, finding places with certain conditions.

LMR 1 year old Birthday Speech!


Happy Birthday, all LMR.

I am not going to make a long speech, because seriously; It would be emotional!



I think it is really fantastic that a thing like this can be done, and has so much life.


End of that speech :) You can make your own below :)

Win A Measure-thingey!

This multimeter or whaever it is called, was used on making the first robot that entered LMR.

in this weekend, it is donated to a member of LMR.

I feel a new robot comming up :D

The last 6 months or so has been extremely busy for me - and unfortunatly robot-building has had a lower priority than other stuff :/

I have had some sporadic and way too short windows of time in which I have mingled a little with pulsating lights and other low tech atry stuff.

But now times are changing a bit, pulsating lights and AM pulses are comming together, I am so thrilled! I will get a little time every now and then in the next month, I have 2 millions ideas, a robot is comming, a robot is comming :D

Try the Internet.. the way it shuld be

I cant believe how well this works, and how liberated I feel:


It's an addon to Firefox that makes browsing the Internet ..well, just try it! I was hesitating, but wow!


Don't fear the 50/60 Hz noise - Use it

I am sad to say that I do not get much time to build any robots these days.. However, every now & then I get a few moments in my workshop.

Thanks to OddBot I got myself some phototransistors a while back, and now I had some time to play. I was thinking of making 2 robots send little signals to each other via a light beam.

Unfortunatly it's winter time in Denmark, and so I had to work under indoor light bulbs. And as you may know; Working with pulsating light under a such can be a pain!

Web programmers needed

If anyone out there knows the CMS called Drupal, or would spend some serious time learning it, let me know :)

We are making LMR on volentary basis, and we have many good things comming up.. but a lot more on the drawing board, so serious helping hands and minds thinking Drupal would be very welcome to join in. PM me if interested :)

We have an off-line testsite if you should want to practice some.

One million new components to browse

As you all know, and as 1069 (Rick) recently described, LMR is very much alive, packing robo action :D

There is always something new to watch, learn, debate, and always the option to take the frontpage with your latest creation.
However, one area that is halting, is the components-section.

The original idea was that we should build a library of components, to centralize info. That way, if two or more different projects was using the same component, the info could be kept at one place.

Message in a bottle.. or some code

This is actually a comment on http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2514 - only I cannot attach the film to the post, so here goes:

Ant, I downloaded your code, and opened the guts of my robot TIRDNNWIIT, because it uses the same board. I hooked up to servos, alaser, and it was mirrored :D So I reversed, and voila!

That was fun :)

(See attached film made on my cel)


Development on LMR

Hi all,

Just a short update on where this site (LMR) is going, why, when etc :)


We are now kindly hosted by BEE3. However, we cannot get the server access that we would need for more people to really work on the site, have a development version going etc.

Where we are all moving to

The best thing for me in a project like this LMR, is that we inspire each other, collaborative development is actually what we do - even though many of us would say that what we do is completely unique ;)

Today "a robot" is most likely not walking around but has tracks or wheels, can navigate autonomously, and that is in many instances just about that.

Of course I know that this is also highly influenced by our "start here" project.


The green way of looking - FritsLDR

Hey - rock! I was having a hard time getting my project now named FritLDR fine tuned; I wanted this method to work also in harsh conditions, and it was a quesstion of ever tuning, I did not like that!

BUT THEN...!!! All the time I was turnig the LED(s) ON, and measuring, off, measuring.. THEN I just tried to make it ON/pause 10 mil sec / measure - OFF/pause 10 mil sec / measure and OMG!! NOW we are talking!

Another way of looking

Yesterday  posted this: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1797

Today I realize it should have been a blog entry; It is just my personal trip, but it is not a robot or a walkthrough, so it must belong in my blog :)

Yesterday I went on about how I wanted to use it to detect colors AND distance. Today I had the chance to do a little testing..


It turns out that the (quite obvious fact) brightness of the source has ENORMOUS amounts to say regarding the distance in which we can measure anything.

White Strips

I know I should be doing other things, but I saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_4POEtLd_4

.. I made one (sorry, no video) and it was just as easy and fun as on the video :)

So I wondered.. how would it be like if the angle of the bristles could be altered, then you could steer! 

So I made some tests yesterday, and this turns out to be quite fun.

Do.. Document your Robot!

It is about a year ago I made a robot called "Skiwalker".

It's parts are used for other robots, and I would have forgotten all about it, if not every now and then when I logged in, someone wrote to me; "Hey, that is a nice walkthrough, cool, helped me, inspired me" etc..

That is so NICE! It often makes my day, to get that kind of feedback without warning for a long forgotten thing I did.

And all I did at the time was to remember to film / take pictures.

I am making a part II of "Your first Robot"

I think I have a lot of experience to pass on to first/second time robot builders, so instead of making a new "drumming robot"-kind of project, I am working on a new tutorial, "Part II of How to build your first robot" :)

Stay tuned, those with interest!

/ Fritsl

Don't program your robot.. Teach it!

(Update: Some time after writing the below, I made this, that may interest people doing navigation with Picaxe)


How to make a robot do complicated tasks & "act alive".. With ease..

Here is one guys humble input - I am sure you all have your own ways of programming. Just take it for what it is; My personal thoughts, use what you can :)


"My next project", by "fritsl"

.. And now I´d wish I could write something exciting and groundbreaking :D

The last couple of days I, and my creation "Yellow Drum Machine" has had our 15 minutes of fame;

One week ago, a google-search on "Yellow Drum Machine" returned nothing, nil, zero!

Yellow Drum Machine SING-ALONG-VERSION

Amazed over the popularity the Yellow Drum Machine has recieved, but with my mother-in-law on visit, and a baby on my other arm, it is hard to do a follow up quickly :)

So this is a first-and only shoot, showing the sing-along-possibilities of YDM. I *could* have sung something more inspiring, and I could have taken another shot, to wait for a more inspiring rythm etc - but this is what I can manage right now (my baby girl is sleeping on my shoulder, even writing this is hard :)

Asian Robot-theft

Ahaaa.. My robot is now also copied in some asian language!


Make your own robots & walkthroughs out there, guys!! 

(Still quite flattering tough, lol) 

Robo-Copy / theft!

This is funny!

A couple of days ago I posted a robot on instructables.com - It was a great success, went number one on their charts etc - good fun.


Today i wanted to check in to see how it was doing. I did not have the link for my posting, so I searched for "Robot".

To my surprise and laugh, ANOTHER robot that I have made showed up as a resoult!

The darn H-bridge

I just want to be able to reverse a current. How hard can it be?

I just want to be able to decide direction of the motor to my pic, why does it have to be so complicated?

Well - perhjaps it doesnt! Jip / Jimmy, the most clever guy in here just drew me this and send it to me.P2290333.jpg

The smallest and most-likely-to-burn-something H-bridge in the world!

If it works, I will make a full walkthrough about it.

If it burns my robot.. well.. he did warn me ;) 


Enough outs?

I am building Yellow Drum Machine, (YDR).

I have set up the basic caterpillar tracks(note how most machines are yellow, it is a law of nature with caterpillar tracks, aparently), and 2 drumsticks. In other words, the usual & basic stuff for an YDR!


I am going to build a robot that can play drums!

There you go! 

.. OK, maby not drums, but at least play on things in a funky way! 

Staling Lego-slaughter

I have used quite a lot of time on this robot, but I still do not have a good feeling with it.

It was made to be cruel to the pity Lego-creations in my local Robot Club.. And that may be the bad carma in it, the reason for the project to stall..

I am building and building, but it is not really going nowhere.. I think it is a bad idea to build to be cruel, I may just take it all apart, and start all over with something just intended to be fun, and not made to humiliate the little Lego-creations that others have made..

Only autonmous robots are real robots!

Whatching TV, some guy displayed some "installation art", with a "robot horse", some mechanics controlled by electronics, looking oh so funny.

"That´s not a robot", I said.

"Why is noone elses robots but yours entitled to be called a real robot", my wife said.

I tried to explain to her, that what we just saw on TV was an installation, not an autonomous robot!

It is jus tlike "Robot Wars".. These things are NOT "robots" in my terms. They are "Remote controlled things"!