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Today will bring moderate love/hate relationship feelings

As a pseudo appendage to yesterday's rant on swarmobotic's without saying anything that might risk bringing dissapointment to people if this doesn't come full circle or even vaguely to fruition:



Been losing sleep over this little fellow:



>_< need more chips


//end appendage rant


 With low hanging clouds of pitchblack insanity.

or continued:

Ignorance is bliss

Sometimes I really hate the internet.

I assume anyone who's been around for any period of time has experienced the "Honey, I really think we should sell the car and start taking the subway to work...you know...for the enviorment...by the way, did you see where I put the creditcard?"  or "Do we really need two kids? the big ones already moved out but the lill' one just sits there and screams all day..." thanks to some new funky gadget of massive nerdy blinghood. You know one of those day's you just wished you lived in a cave.

Thats funky

My first chapter of my epic robotics missadventures has disappeared.

Polyplasticy goodness

Been rummaging around every local store in search for the perfect container for the M134 controls (read lunchbox)

And so after heavily customizing an ikea 'lunchable-accessories' box I happen upon one of my favorite mischellaneous electronics sites, the one where you put all the crap that really doesnt work in a shiny aerodynamic case that makes whatever whizzbang youve made look really professional, and as an added bonus make anyone operating it and not getting it to work feel like a complete idiot.