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B5 progress

Whatup gays,

Calculon just wanted to drop a line and share his progess on his B5 (the Backyard Beverage Buddy BBot) project. He started his project last fall as his entry into the XMOS challenge. The idea is basically a cooler on wheels that rolls around Caluclon's backyard and offers beverages to people. That's still the general plan, but the scope has changed slightly.

B5 1.0 features the following:

more pics of my robot

Just a bunch of pics for my project OPUSfront.jpg

Interior, minus the speakjet. You can see my add-on H-bridge, as I burned out the A/B contacts when I was trying my first robot project. You can also see the bottom of my home-made Picaxe board and it's download jack.



...Progress for an un-submitted robot project......

This is a BIG project for me. 4 servos, 2 wheels, 4 LDR sensors, 4 tactile switches, IR tracker, 2 power supplies, IR remote control, and a speakjet, all rolled into one bot. It's been fun, but one challenge after another. This blog is to show my progress before I submit the actual robot entry.

.....LED Pain.............

elmo live

Have any of you seen this little thing? I was looking at it at the store and it looks awesome. The arms and legs are flexible; you can move them around and there don't seem to be any gears. I wonder if there is some sort of "tendon" thing going on. I want to try to hack one, but at $60, that's a bit much.

heat sensors


After reading the new sensor wiki, I'm reminded of a robot I've been planning, that relies on temperture measurments. Basically I want the robot to act like a photovore, only looking for heat instead of light. Is there a way to sense heat at a distance (6-10 feet)? 

lmr theme song that fritz likes (aka node 9200)

here, you happy?

There are two other versions of the song here.

lmr theme song part 2

so i'm still trying to figure out how to attach a file . ..

part 2 is actually somewhat rhythmic.