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Just a blog for the OscarMobile build.

When Oddbot left Australia for his robot building job in China, I was lucky enough to score his collection that he couldn't take along with him. Included in this collection was the makings of a kickarse robot, named boozebot. Now after a couple of years, my wife and I have a son, and in a couple of years he's going to need a way to get around (walkings OK and all, but not much fun). So I'm using the base of OB's robot to make the OscarMobile:


Interesting vidoes - OT

Some really interesting videos www.sixtysymbols.com/

Dekatron power supply - maybe Mr Basic related?

My entry for Mr Basic is going to be a 'retro light show bot' using nixie and dekatron tubes (wiki them). For these I need 170v for the nixie tubes, 70v for the neon bulbs and 450v for the dekatron tubes. I managed to make the 170v power supply that works well, but now I'm trying to make the 450v supply, and having some problems:



EDIT: c4 and c5 are 470nf 630v