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Firefox 3

Type "about:robots" in the address bar in the new Firefox 3...

Runaway robot


Text is in danish, sorry. It's about a danish shop that bought an iRobot vacuum cleaner. On the first day they put it to work in the shop and left it to its job. After a while, the shopowner asks if anyone has seen the robot. Nobody has seen it and it turns out that it's gone. They suspect that it has run out the backdoor, which was left open by mistake, and nobody has seen it since. 

To be or not to be...

...home at the right time. When I got home today after a shopping trip, there was a note from the postman saying they were here twenty minutes before I got home. With a package that I know contains the servos I ordered. And I can't get my hands on the package before monday... :(

At last!

My package from USA arrived today. It contains the Tamiya dual gearbox, some tank treads, wheels and other stuff. Now I just need some time...

Fun with LEDs

About time I post something here... :)

I have been experimenting with an alternative use for LEDs. What most people don't know is, that part from emitting light, LEDs can be used as light detectors. To try this, use a picaxe 28x1 or other picaxe that has ports that can be used as both output and input.  I have connected a standard green LED (the detector) with anode to port c1 and cathode to port c0 with no resistor on either pins. Also, I have a stanard red LED (indicator) with a 330ohm resistor on the standard output port 0 and GND.