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hello guys ,this my

custom designed picaxe master project controller board, this has a max ability to control upto 16 servos, 16 general purpose inputs and outputs. the required channel can be switched on using the on board dip switch, this is a extra security feature, as in the picture the board has an led indicator indicating power on and standby condition. this also has an onboard programming port which is a regular picaxe feature.

the board has dual power inputs (i,e) it can be powered with a 5v power supply or a 12 volt smps wall adapter, the board har several 5v, 12v tapping rails that allows the user for powering various sheilds attached to it.

xtreme project board

for a sample i've made a L293D motor driver sheild the directly plugs into the board like "RAM'S" IN A COMPUTER MOTHER BOARD. the power rails can be given any voltage depending on the voltage needed by the output l293d sheildcomponents.

this is a well designed compact package that is bet suited for budding diy robot builders

for desing and schematics please contact me in the below email address:


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