Let's Make Robots!

time passes by quite quickly

Dealing with several circuits, which I found on this site and figuring out how to handle aluminium, I truely underestimated how complex building a functional robot is indeed.

My last post actually is decades old. I hope to present my robot in the near future and participate on LMR more frequently (I´ve been reading a lot here though). Working on a robot has shown me some kind of passion. The problem is to learn about circuits and living a life (work, private life etc.)

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Steve Miller was wrong. Time doesn't slip it careens.

I'm always amazed at how long things take to build but the amount to time it takes to program is what really blows me away.

Since you're only a year into the process, you might want to consider Gordon McComb's Robot Builder's Bonanza 4th Ed. I had already learned most of that the book teaches by the time I purchased mine but I sure which I had purchased it (if it had been available) when I first started making robots. The 4th edition is practically a different book from the earlier editions (and IMO the best edition by far).

I think the important thing with robot building is to enjoy the process. If you don't enjoy the process, you're better off saving your money and buying a robot to do what you want instead of building it yourself.

Well, you did not write much in that one year and 12 weeks since you registred :-)

However, i can see there is still hope that you are going to present us something in the near future.

My advise is, just check the simple things here on LMR or elsewhere to get a feeling about what you need to start. Circuits are one thing you don't need to be worried about, a breadboard will do it in the beginning. Wire your sensors, microcontroller and motors/servos together using those jumper wires. There are many tutorials online.

Most important is that you START  BUILDING something and not trying to understand all in theory first. If you want to learn swimming you have to jump into the water, same here. You will never learn how things work together from a book...well at least not entirely.

I am recommending something easy for the start, either the Start Here Robot from LMR (find it in the tope left menu) or even simpler and cheaper 555 Timer Photovore Robot