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Uhhh World Education Services, or Advanced Micro...

Hello all,


My name's Boris Jovic, I live in the Vancvouer, canada area.

I recently bought a bunch of things off a site , World education services. Not a big order really, a 28X chip, a new bread board and a servo. After an email from paypal, a recipt of payment to the seller, I waited for an email or some sort of notification from WES but nothing. So three days later I send them an email, asking about my order. No response, I try their business line, but I'm always sent to an answering machine, no matter what time i call. I've called in the early morning, in the afternoon, at 4 am..always the machine. So 2 weeks later, fed up with them I open a claim with paypal and hope this will get their attention but nothing. So again 4 days later I send them an email, and open a dispute, as of now I have yet to receive any communication from them.


I've left my number and email with them..

Hopefully I'll get a refund and use that money towards a Canadian company.



Don't buy from these people :P


Due to legal concern, they have contacted me and have asked me to remove the picture I had up here.




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I've placed 2 orders with WES.  The first one went just as it should.  On the second order, I was short shipped by one item.  When I politely informed Andrew of it, he politely replied, and took care of it in a couple of days.  I have no complaint about that.  An honest mistake was made, and corrected.  End result:  I'm a Happy customer.

But a friend had exactly the opposite experience, and I did not understand why.  It may have been because of the tone of my friend's correspondence.  I'm not privy to the emails between them.

Will I do business with WES ( Andrew ) again ?

Yes, I will. 

You are listening aren't you Andrew?

I've been there.  It's VERY difficult to be a small businessman.  I know that from personal experience. But you may need to be a little more responsive to your customers.

Fot the rest of you guys, cut him just a little slack.  Don't send him pissy emails, and don't expect him to ship high demand items the next day.

Duane S

Wilson, NC  USA


Advice to all online vendors dealing with robotics: Ours is a very small community.  If a customer is treated right, word gets around. No good deed goes unpunished! :)  Communication is the key. We are all human. Stores run out of stock all the time. A quick one line email will go a long way in assuaging a customer-in-waiting.

I thought I wouldn't get involved in this thread, but being one of the affected ones, I think I must speak up.  I'll try to be objective and fair.  I ordered from WES 3 different times worth more than $100.  Here's my experience:


The first and the last order was shipped quite promptly and I received the items within a week.

The second order was delayed for quite a while since they did not have the part I ordered in stock. But once they got the item, WES shipped it promptly.  



This was the most frustrating part with WES.  Some emails were promptly responded to, especially enquiries on availability of certain items.  But when I didn't receive my second shipment for more than two weeks, all emails to them went unanswered, phone calls not returned.  Finally got an email saying they were out of stock.  I would say, if they were more communicative, that would've minimized my frustration.  This is their weakest link. 



This was more hit and miss.  The first order, they forgot the cable, but shipped it promptly once I indicated their mistake.  Some items in this ordered were not delivered.  The packing slip said backordered, but did not state when they would be shipped.  A little more communication would've been greatly appreciated.

On my second order, I ordered this item from their site: http://world-educational-services.net/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=237&zenid=a919efc078266b4b25380e66908e7833

"This is the universal plate to hold the robots body, brain, wheels, etc… It measures 60mm by 160mm and has 341 holes on each plate. Comes with the Long and Short angle shafts. They are installed onto both sides of the plates using screws as the support."

Now the description on their site clearly states 'comes with long and short angle shafts'.  I never received them.  Only the base plate that too only one even though the description states 'set'.  I was expecting two.

The same goes for this item: http://world-educational-services.net/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=233&zenid=a919efc078266b4b25380e66908e7833

The description says 'set'.  I received just one wheel!  What would I do with one wheel?!


Even though there were some screw ups, I probably would.   The missed parts aren't worth much.  The more expensive parts were delivered as described. Personally, I think WES needs to communicate better with their customers. Make sure what's on the website is what's delivered.  


To sum up, I think folks are unfairly giving WES a hard time. WES is probably a one man shop.  Nothing wrong with that, and Andrew is probably overwhelmed.  Boris, I realize were ticked off, but you got the money back, the offending logo has been removed. I think we should kill this thread.   And I have to say WES has great prices, and their shipping is extremely reasonable.  For picaxe parts in the US, I don't think sparkfun could beat their prices.


If you are going to order, write to WES to make sure they have the parts in stock. That way you could avoid delays.  


If I offended anyone with this post, my sincere apologies.  Now lets get back to building robots! :-)


I love this stuff "David vs. Goliath". I got the popcorn and my drink. 'Intently watching for the next scene'.
Please, give your full name or order number, and we will check the problem. We will also check as to how many emails we have received from you.

 You're supposed to be a business owner, and yet you take customer service claims on a blogs comment board, do you even have a business license?


Bravo, real professional. 

The Canadian gentleman (Jovic)  who bitched, moaned, and groaned forgot to mention that he was fully refunded. If you go to paypal, you will determine that, our of 3,000 customers, we have only had two claims, and both of them were fully refunded. Merchandise gets lost, merchandise goes out of stock. We try to accomodate customers. Will the gentlemen who complain about not getting their orders inform us whether they finally did or not?

"We put the CUS in customer service"

Seriously I get your point, but I can't believe you tracked down a website where he complained and fired back. Everytime I see someone complain I usually give the store the benefit of the doubt that it got lost in the mail, was out of stock, etc and that the customer isn't giving the whole story. Complaining like this leans me toward the customer again. Why woul dI shop somewhere if the store is going to flame me for flaming them.

It's funny because that's not all.

I'm assuming this email isn't confidential, this is straight from my email.



Mr Jovic

Without our permission, you have altered our logo by placing the word
RUBBISH on top of it, and then displayed it publicly. Our logo is a
copyrighted trademark, protected by U.S. and International Copyright
infringement laws. We will extend you the courtesy of one week to remove
the illegal logo you have created. If you fail to do so, you will be
contacted by our Canadian attorney.

In bringing out your childish complaint, you apparently failed to inform
the readers that you were fully reimbursed by our company.

Dr.Andrew ********
I'll tell you all how it went. I finally made contact with a woman, I guess she's their secretary. 
She told me the fellow who handles paypal wasn't in today, but would take care of my claim the next day. 
Wasn't refunded until the end of the week. 
We're the not the only ones to have problems with them...


do that paypal reclame..

 for example, sparkfun.com acept orders from out of stock items, but only get the money after have stock and imidiatly before processing the package.