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Greetings all.

I have been looking around LMR for a few weeks and I thought I should introduce myself.  You can call me "Bur7ama" or just "Bur" for short.  The 89 stands for the year I was born...23 years old if you don't feel like doing the math.

I am an undergraduate electrical engineering student at Florida International University.  I am in my senior year and that means I have to work with a group on a senior design project.  My group has some IEEE members and they have decided, and the rest of the group agreed, to participate in the IEEE Hardware Competition.  We are 4 electrical engineering students and 1 computer engineering student.  We have a good amount of funding ($500+) coming from the individuals and organizations associated with the university, but we want to try and make our design inexpensive...relatively inexpensive.  I plan on posting our robot here, but we have nothing to show as of now.  We have had some brainstorming sessions and I think we have decided on a chassis, but things could change.  By the end of this semester we should have something built.  Due to the nature of the competition, I don't plan on posting detailed information about the design and code until possibly after the competition.

Also, I have ordered some servos, dc motors, a chassis, robot claw + pan tilt bracket, a basic Sharp IR sensor (2-10cm), and a picaxe 08M2 and the necessities of picaxe interface for my own entertainment.  I am impatiently waiting for them to arrive.  I plan on posting my robot once I have something built.

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Well actually it isn't English and there is no English equivalent. That's why a number was assigned. It sounds like an "h" but much heavier. It's Arabic if you are familiar with the language.

Welcome to LMR! I am not a native English speaker so forgive me, how do you pronounce your name? That 7 is bugging me... Anyway, good luck with your projects and please share them with us!

Thanks.  I noticed that many of you are very helpful and provide relevant feedback and great ideas and solutions.  This site and the great robots that its members have built has me addicted to watching robot videos.  Interesting to see how two robots that have essentially the same components behave noticeably different due to their programming.

Oh, but you have entered it...you just don't know it yet.  Just kidding...kind of.  You guys have already contributed to our design just by having your robots up on this website.

That looks like a really cool challenge. Robo-forklifts!

I wish I could enter it, looks like fun.

I hope you will ask questions if/when problems arise. I am sure a number of us would be willing to help. Of course, we all love robots, and, videos of robots. :)