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Project 2: And so it starts...

So, today, full of motivation (now I have figured out a rough plan for my project), decided to start learning the techniques to help me build my project.

Today, using a donated toy base (tracked, with 2 12v motors and gearboxes to boot), I added:

  • an Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Motorshield
  • Two 4xAA battery packs (in series to provide 12v). 
  • A Bluetooth module.

Using some arduino code I had developed for my Wall-e task I was able to move my tank around - ruddy good times!

Buoyed by this success I revisited my first attempt at a python-based controller using tkinter on my pc. I managed to design a little form with 6 buttons; up, down, left, right, stop and close. Close - self explanatory; the others send the character via bluetooth socket to the arduino. On opening the form searches for nearby devices, and upon finding the address of the bluetooth module, connects.

I know this is a simple little thing, but it is great progress for me :-D


Tomorrow - I aim to tidy up the wiring and mount them rather than having them sat atop a plume of wiring. I may even chuck a ping sensor in there too :-D

Snippet of Run 2 at 12v2.88 MB

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Thanks Ashim :-) So much to learn to get my main project anywhere near completion, so going to undertake many little projects to learn what i need to as I go! After getting the Arduino/Bluetooth/Python setup i may actually keep this base as a platform for all of my mini projects, then transferring straight to the main project, once i have a body design :-) Can't wait to get my teeth into it!

Your project sounds really interesting. Lot's of things going on! Can't wait to see the robot post with pictures and all.


And welcome to LMR


Hello again :-)


I've just added a little snippet of the base on it's 2nd little run. I have one from run number 1 (using 6 volts instead of 12v) but it is too big to upload :-)