Let's Make Robots!

Project 2: Tidying up

Last two days have been frustrating - work has prevented me from working on developing my skills.

I did, however, manage to shorten the huge loom of wiring that came attached to the motors; there was a little board with 6 straight-through connections already attached near the motors on the base, so I soldered the 2 wires of each motor, plus the battery wires, to one side. The other side i continued the connections to the motors shield.

I also used added a switch and used spade connectors allow easy swapping of the batteries (once I have sourced a 12v replacement for the 2 x 6v packs that are in series).

While minimal, this little tidy has readied the base for some hacking to fit a ping sensor, as well as the mounting of the arduino properly with a few screws (and possibly risers to avoid too much cutting).

It's the first time I've really soldered anything, so no doubt I'll be going back to redo it in the future. Its a good job this isnt the proper project chassis!

Before I can do much more with this I MUST finish my Wall-e project. While the rudimentary code (tested on this project base) is ready, the hardware hacking on the toy is yet to be completed. I hope it comes back soon - my son's Birthday (the project deadline) is this coming Wednesday! Once that is done I will be working on it every night to add further features; arm control, eye leds control, eventually sound playback from SD card etc.


Next things to do on the project base: mount arduino, add ping sensor, add a better battery (preferably 12v, small and rechargable), introduce raspberry pi, then hub. Thanks for reading!

My test platform1.27 MB