Let's Make Robots!

The batteries are coming!

The LiFePo4 batteries I ordered for Groucho and Zeppo should be arriving tomorrow. Well I suppose it's actually later today by now. They got sent to the wrong FedEx shipping center and they're going to drop them off and take the pallet to the basement door! Of course, this is only for a minor extra fee... :)

So since the base and motors and wheels for Groucho have all arrived, I should be able to get things working eventually. Though I'll probably work on Zeppo first because he's smaller and I can work on him upstairs easily enough.

Future plans: I now have a bunch of extra wheelchair motors. I'm thinking that I can build a large arm for Groucho and a small arm for the other side. I'm just wondering how I have to support a larger arm, but that's a problem for later.

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I can't get the frigging letter faxed to them (bad back problems, can't leave the house right now) to redirect the batteries to my house.
Yes, the batteries have arrived! The 12v 9amp-hr one is very light and and the 24 volt 100 amp-hr is extremely heavy and still in its box until I can figure out how to unpack it properly.