Let's Make Robots!

Good bye for a while.

After seeing how many people in this group treat beginners, I'm leaving for a while until I can think clearly again. Most of the people who jumped all over me for defending a beginner were people whom I had respected.

As all of you were beginners at one time, I'm hoping that you can sympathize with my point of view. If you can't, then maybe I'm right to be leaving. One of the reasons I joined LMR was that it seemed to be friendly to beginners. I feel that this hobby can use as many beginners as possible, because some of them go on to build really imaginative robots.

If you wish to follow my builds, I will be putting them in my blog (http://dangerousthing.com). Right now I am not proccessing new users because I'm getting too any spammers. I'll try to fix that in the next few days. If you're interested, please send me an email at my domain above, user jay.

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LetsMakeNasty,Brutish&ShortRobots just doesn't seem to have the same rhythm to it...

ha ha


( LMNB&SR....   No, not that either. )


Starting to sound a bit hinky

Well, the description was meant to apply to me, rather than my robots. Though one of my first bots was a Walmart 1/6th scale Sherman tank r/c to bot. It was noisy and annoying, so maybe that counts. :)

 I realised that.

 I was being funny. ---or thought I was. :-)


I thought you were making a funny, and I like word play. I laughed, but then I wasn't sure. I don't like to call people "short" without reason (mine is genetic, at 5' 2" I'm the tall one in my family). :). Lee was 5' 6" and changed the light bulbs until she became wheelchair bound.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Maxhirez. My temper must have been up that day because normally my reaction would have been somewhat less obnoxious.

As to the rest of you who felt insulted at my remarks in this blog entry, I still don't understand why anybody else was upset.

I do have a few small things to say, then I will conclude this.

I acted as I did in protection of what I perceived to be a newbie. Yes, I was too quick on the button and Maxhirez had strong reasons to say what he said. I've taken the weekend to look at similar posts requesting information without giving any indication that they have even started looking and while I think a "shoot first attitude" is wrong (after all, that's what I did that started this mess), I understand it.

I was pointed to the rules. Jlhoffa violated none of them. The only thing close would be the seventh bullet, but jlhoffa didn't have "help" as the first word of the title.

It would be nice to have the requirements for a posting asking for help put into the rules page. Just a few bullet points. People who have been here a while don't need these, but first timers often do. And a simple line: "No, we won't do your homework for you" would also be nice.

I don't know how to properly suggest additions to the rules page, and if anybody could point out how to do this, I would be grateful. And as long as I'm on the subject of the rules page, the link "Learn more about LMR" gets me a 404 error.

Thank you for reading this, and I will try to be a bit less obnoxious in the future. :)

(When I was working for Penn State, I had a sign outside my cubical saying "Nasty, short, and brutish. Enter at your own risk." My boss made me remove the second sentence.)

Well, OddBot already brought it into a quite complete answer. Welcome back DT.

Rewriting the rules may clarify some things but sometimes it's just too much. Frits (LMR founder and website owner) kept them short and general on purpose. I would not read through a 50 points list of rules but a short and compact list is always or. However, there is always room for improvement and if you think it's neccessary then write it down in the forum and let the admin and us know.

The 404 is perhaps a result of the ongoing improvement of the website. Either you wait or you may post that in a formum post to let the webmaster know. I am sure it will be on the todo list and gets fixed soon.

"Nasty, short, and brutish. Enter at your own risk." I like that and maybe there is a way to put that on the front page :-)

In no way would I suggest a huge list of rules. I'm the type of person that believes that most community rules can be abstracted to about one page with lots of white space. I would just suggest removing or combining a few rules and if it fits put a quick bulleted list of "how to write a good note asking for help" items. Or if it won't combine, have a very visible link from the rules.

A set of rules like that show new members that this is a community rather than someplace you just go to for technical advice.

And I'm remembering a bit better now (it's been a decade since I quit working to be my wife's full time caregiver): it was "Nasty, Brutish, and Short." -- it scanned better.

I cannot speak for everyone else but one reason I was annoyed is I have spent hundreds of hours on this site helping newbies. Sometimes we get sick of questions that only a mind reader could answer. As I mentioned before, it goes both ways. If you want to defend the newbie then you also have to defend the tired old teacher who's patience is wearing thin.

If the newbie is serious about learning then they will accept a small tease and move on. If the newbie is mortally offended then they probably would not last long no matter how kind we were ot how much we helped.

Just my 2 RMB worth.

I am not sure to what this user was referring, but responces from various users can be as different as there are people on the Earth.

No two people will respond to a situation the same.

I do know that many users on here are quite friendly and that the tone of their answers can easily be affected by the way the original questions (or statements) were posed.

If you are seeing LMR as only negative, then we will wish you good luck wherever you end up, but if you work towards the positive aspects of the hobby, then we welcome you and hope you stick around...

–Doctor Dan