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 Hey guys, I just had and idea- how bout we make an LMR store? I know this is not new, but there was never really any attention to it. I was thinking you could stick a "Store" link in the menu bar at the top where you sell stuff like LMR T-shirts and maybe some parts. And that just gave me an idea- people who had parts they didn't want could put their stuff on sale at the store, and whoever wanted it could just buy it. Of course, there needs to be some serious trust and some spammer ass-kicking going on, but I just thought you guys might want to try it out. Kinda like an LMR e-bay. With T-shirts! And the benefit for the site is that they can take the profit from their own sales and use it to pay bandwidth costs.

So, just to make this simple if we do decide on a store:

1) It should of course carry LMR t-shirts!!!!!

2) It should carry DAGU goods at a discount (see oddbot's post at http://letsmakerobots.com/node/9419)

3) Later, it could be a kind of "LMR e-bay" and let us normal LMR users sell, buy, and/or exchange for other parts. 



More filetypes in higher quality at my site at http://www.freewebs.com/dentontheweb/





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Someone has to run it and it would create risk for the site owners since any issues with the store would be directed at them. I would like to see it happen but someone would have to step up to run it and take responsibility for psosible deals gone bad.

Its a lot of work to inventory, pack and ship products. Yo need the ime and the dedicated workspace, not to mentn money.

I thought ODDbot had a couple of vpossible vendors, one in Europe and one in the US to carry DAGU products.


I think he is also talking about having the ability to list a part yourself and sell it when someone says they want to buy it. Like having an ebay store but on LMR.
+1 for shirts.

Oh yeah, and it should carry DAGU goods at a discount.

edit: now included in the post 

its ebay on lmr! awesome! we can list any parts we have extra, and get cash or trade for 'em. all we need is for our web tekkie to set up a program that can handle it like a blog or a forum. i need servos, have batteries packs


we have followers!!! woot! :D

swapshop forum into a forum topic of its own, then we can buy, or bid, thru the replies.

and by pming people, exchange adresses and ship stuff.

a lot of the existing stuff is out there, we just need to mod it... (like we do with bots XD)

as far as selling stuff in a store, would it be possible that polulau might be interested in some deal with dagu?? they already have the infrastructure and would benefit from this as well ...


Just a thought.