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STL support on blogs.

STL Files are now able to be added and viewed on forum and blog posts as well as robot project posts.  

Attach .stl files using the file attachment panel.

The uploads have a maximum of 4Mb and your stl should be created so it is centered on x and y and the bottom on the z axis to be displayed properly in the viewer.

You may upload more than one file at a time and the objects will be selectable via a drop down.

Let me know if you guys have any issues :)

cube.stl8.88 KB
tree.stl901.31 KB

STL Viewer (beta)

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Found a bug in the viewer. Clicking on "Rotate ON" repeatedly increases the speed and then "Rotate OFF" cannot slow it down or stop it.

This is great News. ........At last a way to express 3D models without having to rely on the cartel of Biased 3D sites.

Will be using this facility a lot .... Amazingly Awsome Gui... "Way to go" Mr. developer

Regards G

I tried it with my Scamper robot kit. Unfortunately the STL for the Scamper kit is 32MB. Unless you can increase the file size then I can't see this being much use. I ended up attaching a zip version in the scamper robot post.

The STL's can compress a fair bit (I got 94% compression on Scamper) so maybe you can modify the reader so it can unzip an STL file and then display it?

Woooot..... 32 MB for the scamper ....are you sure.... there must be some extra "notes" stashed in the file... I will take a look at the file in your post and see what I can find....

10mins later........

....Ahha ...the whole scamper...... hmmm 32MB is a big file to be moving around in a cad program...

....I did a quick check and It contained 500 odd double vertex(s) ...which I "test"  killed and it resaved to a 5.3MB stl file.(which is about in the right ball park for your complex cad) ....btw the design also has quite a few manifold errors ... which would cause strange problems if printed...

What are you using to create the files.... as some even save deleted bits of a project (ie dustbin).

I am using BLender and most of my files are around 1 MB ....  even my robotic hand and servo actuator which are pretty complex CADs.



It does not surprise me that there are errors in the model. Sketchup is full of bugs.

I checked the model in Sketchup, it reported no fault or unused elements. STL exporter by Jim Foltz exported the same number of faces as Sketchup reported.

Moral of the story, learn to use Blender.