Let's Make Robots!

Goodies Galore!

Hello LMRians. How are the projects hitting lately?

So, it was an unprecedented week as I had 3 packges rolling into my place, and I just wanted to make a tiny update on these goodies I generously received from a couple of LMRians.

Baking some Pi:

6677 sent me one of his Raspberry-Pis and a few goodies. It's time I dabbled with Linux, and moved on to the microprocessor technology. I have seen lots of amazing projects using the Pi and look forward to tinkering around with it.

Going 3D with MB3434:

I requested Lumi to 3D print me a set of the MB3434 chassis as I am really looking forward to building a miniature line-follower/maze solver. I also received a pair of tiny gear motors to use in the robot. I hope to add a pololu baby orangutan and get it moving.


Last, but not the least, viswesh sent me a package of cool ICs that included op-amps, an atmega328 with an arduino bootlader, an attiny,etc.

There are lots of ideas hovering around my mind from building a couple of BEAM bots using some inverters from Yahmez Goodies to harnessing the power of the R-Pi. I am also excited about the new look of an MB-3434 inspired Nano Rover along with building a couple of custom boards for my projects with ICs from the Vis-Pack.

You guys are awesome. Thanks for the nod.


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This is quite the collection of goodies, Enig!


I can't wait to see what you produce with them; I'm sure it will be something i can take great inspiration from!