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Hello there.......Silicone!

Hello guys and hello there, Silicone.

THE (summed-up) ADVENTURE:

After searching a couple of shops in Kathmandu, I narrowed my search down to ones that dealt in paint, hardware, etc. like stuff. I also found a tube of silicone in one of them and that was exactly what I needed to mould a couple of tracks for Nano Rover in his new MB-3434 look.


Any silicone pack should do. This one I have is named "Resibond" and it's from an Indian Company.



Well, I didn't manage to squeeze it out of the tube as the silicone seemed too thick to be able to come out of the nozzle. I might have unfortunately laid my hands on an outdated pack. So, I used the "toothpick-trick" to apply the silicone manually on Lumi's 3D-printed "track-maker".

It looked better than I had initially thought. It was time to let it cure. The best time is around 24 hours, but I couldn't wait any longer than 12 hours to start peeling the track off. 



It turned out well. And the first track, although not having the smoothest of edges, came out unbroken and with a pretty much even circumference. One more track, and they'll be ready to pop onto Nano Rover.It's entirely an MB-3434 model, so I am just following Lumi's footsteps.

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Well, that is a good way to show different techniques to cast silicon tracks. That tubes are meant to be used together with those gun handles which appies much more force to the bottom as you can do with your thumbs :-)

However, you've got t done, nice! Another option would be to find silicone or latex tube with the right diameter and cut small rings from it.

Nice idea with the latex tubes, Lumi. Also, do gun handles come along with the silicone tube? I saw it on the cover and thought that I might have to purchase it separately.

Next up, I am planning to cast some sumo-robot wheels using silicone (or preferably polystyrene, if I do find some) . I heard that they are super super grippy.



yes you need to purchase that gun separately. But you need to buy it only once. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8WxvOECLYc.

About polystyrene, I think nothing will be as grippy as silicone :).

Thanks for the link Carlo. I didn't get the e-mail reminder for your comment. So you think this same sealant silicone will be good enough for casting some grippy wheels? That's awesome.

I think I know what when wrong, It seems that you forgot to use mold release which prevents your item from, well, sticking to the mold. This site may be able to help you in the future. As far as not being able to squeeze the silicone out of the tube, you can pick up a caulk gun, like lumi mentioned, for a few bucks at hardware stores that are made for squeezing stuff out of those kinds of tubes.


Hope this helps,


I really liked the tips on that website. But I don't know if I will find a caulk gun out here. Will need to do some more searching. Thanks for the ideas.