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A Military Science Exhibition/Competition - MSTC

Hello there guys. Long time no see. I was wrapped in a US college application season this year so got a bit busy with things. 

In this blog post, I just wanted to share some pictures and information with you guys about a Military Science and Technology event. It was organized by the Nepal Army. The mission was to provide a platform for all enthusiasts, makers and students to showcase their knowledge and implement it to build a miltary-based system/robot. The plan was to build a prototype and selected projects would then be further developed with assistance from the Nepal Army. I too had taken part in the event and had taken WSSR along.

Here are a few pictures from the event. There were some pretty cool robots out there.

The pictures of the projects depicted here are fully credited to the respective participants / team members.


















This one was the winning robot. It was a monster filled with bomb disposing capabilities. It was controlled wirelessly and could also fire pretty strong! The task at hand could be adressed easily by removing the bomb disposal tool and fitting another device at the front. Was well deserved.






This one took home the 2nd prize. It was straightforward mechanical stuff (motor control through switches and all i.e. no programming involved ) but it matched the theme perfectly and the design was fantastic.








Overall, it was a huge event. There were nearly 100 teams in total. I did not win anything, but the 4-day event was really inspiring. Most projects were built from scratch. The chassis and the mechanical systems were designed by students themselves. Couldn't have attended the event without a little-bit help from Lumi with the Lynxmotion Gripper Kit. A review is on it's way. 

 Boy, this event will certainly push me to buld my own gripper arms and robot chassis in the days to come! 

That's all guys. See you later. o/ Enjoy the pictures. 



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Thanks for posting. Great pictures... Was looking forward to this!

Was a pleasure posting it, Dhirajjah.