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Yahmez Goodies!

On the 20th of April, I got a quote from the post office reminding me to collect all oversized packages that did not fit in the mailbox. Surprised ( as I did not had a mailbox ) and curious ( wondering what might the oversized package be! ), I rushed to the Post Office with the small piece of quote in my hand. ( That's the unofficial system we have out here! )

 I retrieved the package that mentioned PRIORITY MAIL in BIG LETTERS. I flipped the package and the entire story became crystal clear as it read " Robot Parts x 10".

I knew straight away that it was a package loaded with Yahmez Goodies!

So one of our awesome LMR members, Yahmez had sent me a handful of electronic stuffs. Oh I love gifts and surprises :-D


This is how it came in. Lovely packaging and I did not even have to pay custom charges, processing fees, etc. Maybe because the postage was a 24.75$ one. Thanks for covering all of that Yahmez!

Everything was enclosed in a green bubble wrap.


The goodies.

A solar panel from Radioshack that came along.

But these were the best of the lot. Tiny motors. I am working on a nano-rover using these. Will update you guys soon.


Jeez, thanks for all this Yahmez. I am so grateful to you. Hope I can return the favour by putting these little buddies to good use.

Later guys,



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Wow, it's Christmas in Nepal :-) keyword Nano Rover...i am listening :-)

Haha. You said it Lumi! And you guys are the Santa Clauses! :-D

Nano Rover is ready, but he's not as good-looking as MB-3434!


You're welcome Ashim.

I know you will put the stuff to good use!

I look forward to the updates. =)


P.S. I checked the source for those gearmotors and they do not ship to Nepal... BUT I can get them for $3.50 a piece w/ free shipping to me. If you want some more... let me know how many and I'll order some.

That sounds great! But I would love to give you a hand with the shipping and postage!




Sure... perhaps I'll put them on the LMR shop?

How many would you like?

Definitely! People are gonna love those motors. Details in the e-mail!



pretty cool to do this!