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Do.. Document your Robot!

It is about a year ago I made a robot called "Skiwalker".

It's parts are used for other robots, and I would have forgotten all about it, if not every now and then when I logged in, someone wrote to me; "Hey, that is a nice walkthrough, cool, helped me, inspired me" etc..

That is so NICE! It often makes my day, to get that kind of feedback without warning for a long forgotten thing I did.

And all I did at the time was to remember to film / take pictures.

  • Taking pictures of your robot, while in progress, when it is fun - and entering them on a website for other builders to comment.. is like having money in the bank; You have both the money, and get interest, over and again.

Not documenting what you do is like spending money while you are drunk; Fun at the time it happens, but no real value to your life later on.


I just realized the above when I found these blurred tests of a no longer living robot.. It was fun at the time, but I should have documented it.. now it is just gone..

Well - at least these where in my phone: 




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Nice idea to put the cam on the robot, looks realy cool!

Hey, nice post, that’s so truth, sometimes we made really cool stuff, but we forget to document. Happens with me all the time, that’s why I started my website too, to share my projects. Also I like here, because is another way to show my inventions and get reviews from this community. So I guess we all lose so many good projects that are just in our memories.


…In memory of ‘’Skiwalker’’ and the other robots that were never show to the world.





100% agree..

I was reading and thinking if was me talking ^_^


Cool dravings etc!  Nice!

hey, was wondering how can i post a page with my own robot? it isnt done yet but just wanted to put some pics up
On the front page of the site click Robot Project in the top left corner. Fill in the blanks and submit. BANG your robot is up for all to see ;)

What is the name of the song in the video?