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I just thought you should know

Now, a problem by telling anyone in here that someone else are special, is that any member that submits as much as a little tip on how to hook up an LED is just amazingly cool.

Why? Because it is in fact only a good spirit that contributes - none of us are meeting each other IRL. (to my knowledge at least).

So it is such a strange thing to give to, a funny thing to contribute to something that is only virtual.. and as said; Anyone doing it is the coolest!

However.. I just thought that you all should know that someone are doing quite more than submitting robots; and now it is just too much, I have to let you all know:

TheCowGod is sponsoring the hosting of LMR. That server is costing him some USD 125 every month! He was running the server before he offered to host LMR on it.. but it is because of hes hosting (and all the work involved) that you can read this. Dan even added some code to the site - such things as the user map is thanks to Dan. erh.. TheCowGod.

(Again, anyone contributing are amazing, I just thought these needs light)

Del, erh Rudolph.. Is putting an extreme amount of time and hard work and aparently even talent into upgrading LMR to what we could call LMRII in these days. I have seen lists of what that man has done for the project, it is truly amazing. And he is continuing, so have respect! You will hear a lot more about this when we get to the lauch.

And finally; the drop that made me flow; Ant got to hear that Dan is having a low in the finacial department, and wants to upgrade the server.. and so Ant just decides to donate USD 90 to Dan - money he made from the DAGU Mr Basic content.

(He transfered the money by using paypal and tcg@binrock dot net)

It's just amazing.

I think robot-builders / LMR-members are the coolest of mankind. Where ever could this happen? We run a complete site without ever meting each other, without any ads, thousands of visitors every day!!

Now you know.


And sorry for not mentioning you, it is not because your work is not noted, you are cool!


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Frits whats up man. You're a MAN you bury your emotions STOP LETTING THEM SHOW! Next my wife will expect me to share MY emotions.

jklug- I always wondered why your face is so emotionless and devoid of expression :P

well, you're still funny :D 

Jklug is one seriously serious man :) Or should that be a seriously manly man.. or maybe a manly serious man.. should I just put this in the shoutbox instead?
I took the picture myself. I never know how much smile is too much so I went with no smile.

Well, thank you Frits for putting up this post. It was pretty awesome! :)

(now I'll go revel in my newfound coolness!)


Still, this is a reminder that there are some really nice people at LMR! :D

(I can't stop putting out happy faces!! They've taken over my mind!!!)

I think that one of the greatest thing about this forum is that its members are from all over the world! :D

And thanks to all the guys who made this possible!

i trust you all, and thank you for giving me this cybernetic home away from home.  you're all awesome people. its cool to meet so many like-minded robot building people, that you'll never see in real life.

Keep LMRing peopel...