Let's Make Robots!

Only autonmous robots are real robots!

Whatching TV, some guy displayed some "installation art", with a "robot horse", some mechanics controlled by electronics, looking oh so funny.

"That´s not a robot", I said.

"Why is noone elses robots but yours entitled to be called a real robot", my wife said.

I tried to explain to her, that what we just saw on TV was an installation, not an autonomous robot!

It is jus tlike "Robot Wars".. These things are NOT "robots" in my terms. They are "Remote controlled things"!

The "robot-magic" happens when you let some logic control mechanics, based on input, and the mechanics change the environment that again resoults in new, not pre-programmed inputs to the logic, that then..

Then you have robot-life!

Then you have an autonomous robot.

Then you have a real robot

(in my terms :)

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stop kidding!

Wrong animal! I thinking goats, here.

I bet you feel really sheepish, now, don't you Alamo Robotics.

Ewe got that right!

That was a baaaaaad joke.

So many robots now, use cameras and object recognition etc, to get around. The football playing robots are a prime example.

Due to the processing power required, a lot of them use bluetooth/wifi to talk to a base PC, where the input from the robots sensors is processed and commands sent back to tell the robot what to do.

So, are these robots, or are they RC vehicles?

That depends... do they dream of electric sheep?

You're just trying to pull the wool over my eyes, now!

This is all interesting stuff here. I agree with Frits. I don't regard my dishwasher, DVD player, or my computer as a robot. I think of a robot as something autonomous, mobile and able to make decisions. Even if the decision is just, should I turn left, right, or back up a little.

This discussion thread has always lead me to the question about my robot TOBI which has been described as little more than a radio controlled "RC Flier" by the folks at Hackaday.com. Sure he follows the RC orders that I give him until he detects something and takes over his control to avoid it. The bottom line is that he is made to follow me around and take orders, not work autonomously on his own doing his own thing.

My "Beast" will be autonomous when he is cutting the grass or patrolling the grounds but TOBI will always be servant at the whim of my needs. So "The Beast" will be a robot but is TOBI one?