Let's Make Robots!


This is my first robot project.

I am an electronics and computer systems engineer with over 20 years experience.

When I was looking to do this in the past the size and cost of the technology was too big.  Last year I saw a NOVA program on drones and decided that this can be done on a reasonable budget.    

This is my R1D1 project (Rev1 Dorid1).  I started building this last December but had an issues with the motors I used (old electric car seat motors and gears)  the motors did not have enough torque and one had a slightly differing gear ratio.  I did however construct the basic platform (all aluminum) and the basic software for driving the motors (Arduino), and on the Raspberry pi I have a web page interface, Wifi, and communication with the Arduino over the USB using vertical serial ports.

Then summer (no time for robots)

This December I started again with 2 new motors I ordered off ebay.  Drive problems solved.  At this time I have upgraded to the Arduino Mega and added ultrasonic sensors.  Next is GPS compass and Pi camera.  Then much programming as I want this to be an autonomous robot.

R1D1_0659.JPG66.34 KB
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it's bigger (my old eyes can't do microbots...), and also like mine, it will bring drinks! Thanks for sharing!