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ThunderBird 6 - (aka Mental Detective) - Gold-Tin-Ring-BottleTop-Finder

ThunderBird 6 -  (aka Mental Detective) - Gold-Tin-Ring-BottleTop-Finder

 So my latest Bot project is off the ground...... or should i say able to find out whats under the ground......

I have been fasinated by the automatic forklifts in some big warehouses that follow a track under the ground.

Objective (primary) :- Get a bot to follow a line of coins. ie line following with a difference.

Objective (Secondary) :- To find treasure..........lots of it ...... all by it self........

Objective (Third) :- Self Funding ...should be able to detect enough money to Fund its self.

 How :- Fix a Hacked Metal detector on to a servo that scans left and right and also Up and Down.

 The Up and down is a stepper motor with linear guide-rail hacked from and (old) A: drive floppy disk.

Spin Offs :- It will wander around the garden/beach Autonomously looking for gold/silver/coins etcetcetc.


The Following is a progress of the project so far , just pictures for you to drool over.........

The Hacked Metal Detector is mounted to a scanning servo which is mounted to a linear up/down stepper motor.

Code-ing for stepper works fine.

Its Arduino based with motor controller (last picture shows me using Mr.Flexs motor controller as a test to Jump Start the ThunderBird 6 into life).

This node Termit 3 by roboticsystems also gave me the impulse to get started.




































































































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This is an awesome idea, I may have to come up with something similar and go combing these japanese beaches for watches.

Arnie likes it too.


Video shows A: drive stepper motor raising and lowering detector probe.

The detector probe is live connected to an arduino the beeps are detecting how close the probe is to the coin.

Stepper Video Uploaded ThunderBird 5 aka Digger

Taking shape.

Sensor now wrapped  industrial grade style covering .

Servo Mechanism strengthened to support weight of front sensor.

Video update to show how fast this "Baby" can scan......... "all hail" descreet components. (speedy and bomb-proof)

Mount that battery and get some video! 

ThunderBird is a little before my time, I got some catching up to do. 

shadow_robot_company_hand_c5_thumbsup.jpg There's a robot thumbs up. It's Shadow Robot Company's Hand.


Sensor is fully mounted (hot glue was not strong enough for the rather forward weight).

Stepper Up/Down (Tested) is strong enough to lift and lower sensor.

Servo Left Right (Tested) it moves with such force that the momentum swings the bot in other direction a bit (however the the batteries will help here - not mounted yet).

Sensor (Tested) whilst scanning left and right. it is so sensitive, so far i am very happy with the setup........

Next stage is to create the "Atmosphere" - i rather like the "Thunderbirds" - international rescue idea....

Could this be "ThunderBird 5 - aka Digger" take-ing shape ...... (only dick tracey knows - i think)

Shouldn't it be Thunderbird 6? 5 was the space station. Not to be too nitpicky.

Still, ready for it? You get a gold star for that!


i'll never tell! lol. just because its random



All the thumb needs now are little numbers in the palm of it. (for the number of digs).

I searched ages to find a "Robotic Dig this Thumbs up" but failed.

then dig up the coins and flags