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SSS - Servo Suspension System

This is my first experiment with the MakerBot. I am totally thrilled with this machine!!!

SSS (servo suspension system) is designed to support standard servo motors and act as a basic suspension. It is still a work in progress and has not been tested yet.

Will update results as soon as possible (still waiting to have my lab back).

I would like to know everyone's opinion on this  :)

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Nice, but I think it looks a bit weak laterally.  From a front view the wheels would have a tendency to hit a negative cambre like...  /==\ if there is significant weight on them...and then snap...

Your mileage may vary depending on the printer/material you use, but i would advise strengthening the structure :)

yes true, unfortunately the printer head has been damaged and this idea didn't develop any further

I'm doing a new frame soon for my mecanum wheel base (http://www.madox.net/blog/2010/12/19/mecanum-wheel-base/), do you mind if I adapt this 'springy' idea to my frame/base and print it and try it out?


Of course I dont mind, please improve it  :)

Great work with your mecanum wheel base!!!  ;)

If I give you some designs, can you print them and ship them? I am in desparate need of a Reprap. You could also build a reprap for yourself with that makerbot.
This is soooooooo cool!!!!, infact in inspired me to desighn my own cheep/junk suspension sytem!(not to say yours is cheep/junk)

Thats a neat idea. I wish I had a machine that could make custom parts!

There is also a wheel that is similar to this design, you can see it here.

This looks quite an impressive machine , your fabricated servo mount looks very neat and proffesional.

I would have need of such a machine.

Makes me wonder how you could market your finished pieces ....... or we could send cnc files too you for fabrication :-)

Thanks  :)

The machine belongs to AltLab (portuguese hacking community), we might think in some kind of arrangment in a way that I can print your designs and sell some of mine also    :-)

Have you tried to make it circular like the suspension on a car? I wonder if it would work better to absorb shocks.