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Sneak Peek: Jamie's Awesome Robot Toy

Some of you may know user Jamie, who has posted here occasionally, but spends most of his online time on his YouTube Channel. There he posts about his Giant Robot Project and other amazingly cool stuff he does.

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, Jamie gave the world a sneak peek at a project he's been working on with Wow Stuff, a toy company in the UK. 

Check the video for a look at his robot, which should be available in stores "in a few months". I can't wait!

The second video is my own video response and episode 6 of Let's Talk Robots.

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These things are incredibel! Your pretty much living my dream and I would love to help you with some possible names, here is what comes on my mind right away:


Arachnus (possibly a name for the "bad" guy)


Archaedus( Derrived from Archaeidae which means "assassin spider" in latin)



Araneomorphs (its a class of black spider)


.... I might be back with more, also, can you get a close up on the armor? I would like to take a wack at concept art


Sorry for so many, but something about contributing really excites me!




Arachnus Warriors

Spiderz (then add a cool tagline)


Hey, hey. Thanks for the comment, but you had better go send your ideas for names to Jamie by replying to his video. Or better yet, go to http://wowstuff.com/nameit for the Wow Stuff official naming contest.

This is the coolest toy robot on the market I have  ever seen .Im definetely getting one of those when it goes out on the market.

Thanks for the link to the article on gizmag.com.