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Second iteration of 08Lunchbox project board

Few days ago I recieved a package from Fritzing Fab with 10 PCBs of the second iteration of my 08lunchbox project board.

It is now smaller: 50x50mm and interfacing pads are completely redesigned to allow more versatility and eliminate jumper wires for some components. Here is visual comparison:

V0.5 on the left VS V0.9 on the right.

Now there will be time to update my documentation and project page of 08lunchbox project board... But first, a little test: I had to build us a little Christmas tree star and use my brand new board :) And here is what I ended up with: 3D printed in PLA, added some LEDs, controlled by Picaxe 08M. I wish LEDs were more bright (I used just standard 20ma LEDs), but otherwise everyone is happy :)

From the back:

From the front (apologies for my poor lighting):

And a lousy video on top :))))) Hope you can see something there :)

Aaaaaaand this is it for now! :)

PS. a photo with happy soldering faces! :)