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SolderJunkie Construction


Hi, I have started work on project named SolderJunkie. I want it to be a motorized solder fume extractor. He is going to use a Picaxe 28x1 as his brain, DAGU IR compound eye, few servos and CPU cooler for parts. I only started construction of mechanics, so far. Here is his first pic:


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At least I plan to make him a cyclops face :D With compound eye in center and open mouth sucking in all fumes :) That's why actually his name features "Junkie" part :)))


I just have a small fan on my desktop for when I solder, blowing. I can really recommend this! Not as advanced or fun, but really effective and nice :)
I used to have a small 12V PC case fan for blowing across my soldering plate, but I recently salvaged a massive (~150mm) fan from an old heater, which runs straight off 240VAC mains. Since the new fan is so huge I can actually run it in reverse to create a strong suction, even though there's no cowl to direct the airflow.