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Review: RobotKits.co.in 12V DC Motor with Gearbox

This is a short review of the RobotKits.co.in 12V DC Motor with Gearbox.

Early last year, I picked up a few items from www.robokits.co.in. In this lot, I chose a couple if different RPM 12v DC motors. I ordered the 60 and 100 RPM gearbox motor combos.  They also come in other RPM ranges, from 10RPM-500RPM.

The motors arrived in good condition, with wires already soldered onto the motors. They seemed to be of good quality and were quite inexpensive at $3 USD per motor.

Each motor has a 6mm center mounted shaft and a threaded hub with nut for easy mounting. With the threaded hub you can easily mount them on metal or wood with a hole big enough for the hub to go though and screw the nut from the other side. The motor shaft is about 3cm long and has a screw hole all the way though it.  In combination with the wheels available on the site, it makes for a very easy mount. There is also a cheap 'L' mount as seen in the picture you can get for them as well.

Currently I have the motors on two different chassis. One a 4 wheel drive wood platform and the other a track chassis I purchased from the same site at a later date.  

I have tested them with 6v, 7.4v, 11.1v and 12v batteries.  They do perform better above 7.4v and work quite nicely with a 11.1v lipo at near full output.  The torque output has been very good and they have powered both bots though rough terrain and up walls (flipped the bot very easily, to my dismay)  

To date, the motors have performed well and I quite like them for the performance, cost and ease of use. There is also many wheel options for these type motors. I would highly recommend them for beginners to the most experienced builders.

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