Let's Make Robots!

beware of sainsmart!

some of you know about my experience with sainsmart some of you do not. and some have had their own.

this is a warning to all new people that may be interested in buying from them . DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK

many people have had problems with them, they are now trying to buy good reviews from people by offering free stuff. problem is the stuff doesnt work! i made a deal to do an unboxing, review, and tech video in exchange for a 3D printer electronics kit. first thing the description of what came with the kit and what actually come with the kit dont match. the heat bed they send with it it nothign but the bare pcb. the motors look undersized im not even sure they will work. they send 5 motors but only 4 motor drivers. and to top it all off they sent a faulty controller board that released its magic blue smoke the instant it was connected to power. im lucky it wasnt connected to my computer because the short was in the ftdi chip and would have taken out my brand new MSI motherboard by feeding it 12v on the 5v rail.

but ok i give them one last chance..send me a new board. they tell me to send my unboxing video. i say not until i get a new board when will it be sent. the response i got was "The replacement board is sent few days ago. Please feel free to wait. Would you like to send me the video? I urgently need it." that was on march 27th. no board 

feel free to post your bad experiences with this company so everyone knows not to use them.

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I recently purchased a 7 inch TFT screen plus Arduino MEGA board plus shield. The first issue was that there was no confirmation from them of the sale or of dispatch even though PayPal confirmed the $ transfer. After 3 days I emailed them but the goods arrived before I got a response to my email. Next issue: The sales page stated that full tech details plus Arduino project/code/library would be included with the screen. It wasn’t. Internet search disclosed multiple people having problems making the screen work properly and no consensus re the solutions to the various problems. Reversed and mirrored images seemed particularly common. Another email which (3 or 4 days later) got a response pointing me to a library that I’d already found and which I had not been able to make work properly. I eventually figured out how to make it all work but it took a lot of hours over several days. Not an experience I’d recommend for the faint hearted or for beginners…. Would I buy from them again ? ………Maybe but it will take a while for the memory of my frustration from this episode to fade.

Hi 1 what, 

I bought the same objects and I'm in trouble. Could you share how you make them work?


with basic robot kit, I got a bad Mega board, but they did replace with only two emails from me. they ended up sending a Mega R3, and that is still working....today...
Four drivers five motors, a prusa build.,,cheap sainshit mass production it is a rouellete may work may not.some have success but they throw out so many. I doubt they even care for the odd thousand failures.

part of your point. Re: the 4 drivers. On a Prusa build the Z axis motors are slaved to a single driver, so, you really only need the 4 drivers.

That doesn't make up for the bad board, etc. Just wanted to clarify a wee bit.

I can certainly vouch for watching a hangout in which you appeared to have a faulty board...