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ALS ICE bucket challenge for makers

As you all already know, the ALS ICE bucket challenge is flooding the internet with funny and not so funny videos of people getting a cold ice water shower for a good reason. We from DFRobot also did our part to get some videos more online.

We hijacked that challenge and extended it to all makers around the world. Makers who get challenged need to build a rig which somehow poures the water out of the bucket or something like that

I also took that opportunity to get some cold ice water all over my head and spread the word about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Disease Or Medical Condition) ALS. However, we meant no disrespect when we hijacked it to challenge all the makers around the world but without loosing the original message. So people, please check the website of the ALSA (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association) and inform yourself about that disease. 

I received my ice bucket last Friday. Today I did the donation to the ALS association to finalize my participation. (see the video on the right and the copy of the donation receipt below. (Embedded videos are not shown, so please click the link to see it on Youtube)

ALS ICE bucket challenge Video

As for the rules of the ALS ICE bucket challenge I am challenging 3 people to build a machine which pours the ice bucket over their head:

1. Xinchejian has to build the machine (Shanghai Hackerspace) and David Li receives the ice water

2. Frits Lyneborg (Founder of letsmakerobots.com)

3. Russel Cameron (Technical Designer at DAGU) Anzone who want's to take over OddBots part

You will have more than 24 hours time since you need to build that rig/machine but you will have to finish your part before the end of September. 

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Cool stuff Lumi. Smart of you guys to mix in a little bit of technology, after all, that's what makers do. And very nice of you to stress the story behind this "fun" challenge - the fight against ALS.

Well, well, we're waiting OB and Frits!

I hate you Lutz!

But I did it :D


Now on for the 10USD..

Thanks Frits for your prompt action. I really like your homebrewed bucket release technology :-) But sorry for your nomination, I forgot that's already getting cold in your beautiful Denmark. For that thumbs up for your bravery.

As for my friend OddBot, I talked to him today and he's terrible busy and has tight schedules, so I am releasing him and pass the challenge to anybody who wants to take over his slot. Don't be shy, it's just a bucket with water...c'mon...


Sheila Mahouti sent a message using the contact form at

Dear Sir/Madam,

Below is the link of our humanoid robot AKINCI-2, takes ice bucket
challenge ASIMO, HRP and PETMAN for ALS disease.


We would be grateful if you publish our robot at your website.

Waiting for your kind reply.

Best Regards,

LOL, that's the spirit.