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Silicon Crusher

Ok, here is our entry for our company intern Sumo Robot Competition. 

The name came to me in a blink of an eye :-) Silicon Crusher (or short SC) is based on the MiniQ chassis as the other participants too. The rules are not exactly Mini Sumo rules but based on it (http://robogames.net/rules/all-sumo.php)

We are allowed to use anny controller and sensors, only the chassis, the power supply and the weight is set. Power supply will be 4x AA batteries and the weight is limited to 500g. The ring (Dohyo) will be 77cm in diameter, as set the Mini Sumo rules.

The goal of the competition is to have fun, learn how to build a sumo robot, to program it and after the first match, how to improve the hardware and the software. Also important is to build a robot which fits into a set of rules...this task will be a later part of the project. Right now we are focussing on the software and the basic hardware setups.

The video shows the first test of the line sensors. we attached two IR line sensors in front and two of them in the back. The idea is (need to keep that as a secret, so our cometitors will not learn about our strategy) to have two "front" sides....according to the reading of the sensors. We are also going to put one object detection sensor in fornt and one in the back to achieve that. I am not sure if that's a good idea since I do not have experience with SUMO robots but that is why we are doing this :-)

Note: The first video is on Youtube and the second video is on Youku, for the people located in China. They are both the same video.

After the competition I will try to get the project into the robot area to show you guys how we did it. But for that I need to re-build it since we do not have much documentation :-(


UPDATE August 4: The Sumo Robot Competition in Shanghai Library was more or less a free style event :-) Just two videos for now, to show you how Silicon Crusher performed :-) (Silicon Crusher is the one with the Aluminium armor)

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Thanks for the nice words, but it's not only the tape which causes the escape but also my programming. That was the first run of my code and for that I am satisfied. Now I am working on the ultra sound sensor code and hope to get the whole thing done by tomorrow evening.

Nice Lumi. That is a lot of stickers. :D  I did notice, however, the only spot the robot seemed to be able to escape, was the spot where there was one layer of stickers and it wasn't as white as it is in other spots with many layers. Maybe it was the line that is to blame?