Let's Make Robots!


May I introduce myself, I am TinySpider. I was build a couple of days ago after my creator got some ATTiny and needed to try them out. I was inspired by this  http://www.instructables.com/id/Computer-Bugs-Additional-Ideas-Tips-Tricks/step15/4-Spider/  

Basically I am a bare ATTiny85 some copper wire, two LED's and one 3.7V/50mAh LiPo battery.

I am doing not much more than light up my LED eyes until the battery is depleted.



Purpose of my being:

  • improve soldering skills

  • learning how to program ATTiny's

  • brainstorming about what is possible with these tiny MC

The battery in the back is a tiny LiPo cell 3,7V/50mAh


Legs and components are wired up directly to the ATTiny


With removed battery -> easy charging or replacing


DIY battery connector made of header pins and attached with shrink tube.


I was programmed on this DIY programmer shield for Arduino Duemilanove and later wired up to get activated and re-born as a blinking spider like decoration.


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oooh, very cute, the battery is very tiny, good for UAVs.

If it can only power a couple LEDs for 1 hour I don't think it will stay airborne very long ;)

Right, but i am sure there is a way to get more power out...just have to try with different coils and components.

Yes, i will try to airborn that battery but I am still looking for a tiny enough motor.

Pager motors are tiny. See if you can source them without the off-center weight, as I hear they are very difficult to remove.

Or leave the counter weight on and just let it shuffle like a bristlebot.

I was also thinking you could use a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) like Flexinol for the legs. However, you'd need to boost the current to do that, so maybe not.

Another thought is to look at some of the work Gareth did with his Fireflys.

If all it can do is is light LEDs, you can program in interesting patterns, etc.

Anyway, this is a very cute thing.

Andrew, I am glad you got thinking about this ;-) I will try to program an interesting flash pattern and put a LDR his back to save power during the day. With this tiny LiPo batterie it's just running 1 hour.

This is a piece of art! Love it! So beautiful! Also I like spiders :)))

Wow, when this is art, then I am an ARTIST ;-) Well yeah, each creature on LMR is a kind of art, isn't it?